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How to use Xperia X8 as a Modem

One Thursday night, I am happily surfing the web when the mode light on my B933 router started blinking - yeah right, the connection is down. Now what?

-basic PC/connection troubleshooting - checked
-reported the problem to my ISP (itago natin sa pangalang Smartbro) - checked
-waited in vain for their resolution - checked but still no luck

Since I couldn't wait any longer because I've got work to do, I've finally decided to buy a Sim and a USB dongle from a different ISP (itago natin sa pangalang Globe) for back-up connection. Unfortunately, the USB dongle poorly detected 3g when connected to my desktop computer but worked amazingly well when I inserted the Sim in my phone.

Now, I'm left with no choice but to use my phone as a modem, but how can it be possible? I'm using Sony Ericson X8 and SE PC companion doesn't support that kind of thing. So I've searched around different forums and compiled/followed the following steps in using an android phone as a modem.

APN Settings for Smart, Globe and Sun Cellular


If you’re using a variety of postpaid or prepaid SIM cards for your modem or phone to connect to the Internet, make sure that you have all the correct APN settings for each of your ISP.

Below are the MODEM profile configuration settings for Smart, Sun Cellular and Globe Tattoo.

Disregard the Dial number, IP address and PPP Authentication settings if you’re configuring it on your MOBILE PHONE, just input the correct APN and you’re good to go.

Note: For Smartbro Prepaid SIM that came with the dongle/USB kit, the APN is smartbro

DTI Online Business Name Registration: Register Your Business Name in an Instant!


Setting up a business is not that easy. There are several government agencies that you have to register with depending on the type of your business. One of those agencies is the Department of Trade and Industry.

So, is it difficult to register a business name? I would say No. I've been researching a lot about the how to's of getting business licenses and permits so I've come up with this compiled information about DTI Online Business Name Registration, with an added user experience of course.

DTI Business Registration

Check your SSS contribution Online. Yes, it is never too EARLY to think about retirement.


When I was still a regular employee, saving for retirement was the last thing on my mind. Oh no, I think it didn't even crossed my mind. Well, what do you expect from a young mind. The Human Resources Department of my previous employers handled all SSS, BIR, and Philhealth transactions. But now, being one of the many Filipino oDesk contractors, it is quite different. Specifically working online where all transactions are done virtually. My clients abroad would not bother to think about my insurance or retirement funds since their businesses are not physically located in the Philippines. If I want to get the SSS, Philhealth and other insurance benefits that regular employees get, then I have to apply and pay for everything myself. That's the trade off in freelancing.

PayPal versus oDesk Local Funds Transfer: Which is a better withdrawal method for Pinoy Odesk Contractors?

Before, I prefer to transfer my earnings from oDesk to PayPal and withdraw it to my BPI account. But after hopping from different methods of withdrawing my earnings, I have finally decided to stick with oDesk Local Funds Transfer (LFT). Why? Here's a proof of comparison.

oDesk officially launches Philippine Local Funds Transfer (LFT)

Kudos to oDesk team and good news to oDesk Pinoy Freelancers! It is confirmed that oDesk Local Funds Transfer in the Philippines is officially launched and fully operational.

I received an email from oDesk last April 26 announcing the official launch of  Local Funds Transfer in the Philippines and I must admit that I was happy about it. Who wouldn't want lesser charges and NO third-party payment vendor involved for withdrawal transactions? I think no one.

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

What is oDesk Local Funds Transfer?

oDesk Local Funds Transfer (LFT) is a new offering from oDesk that allows Philippines-based oDesk contractors to withdraw their earnings directly from oDesk to their bank account in Philippine Pesos for only $0.99 per withdrawal.

Pay Smartbro and other utility bills using BDO internet banking

If you are enrolled to BDO internet banking, you can take advantage of paying your bills online. I have enrolled my Smartbro account as a merchant on BDO online banking and I have been paying my smartbro bill online for several months now. Here's how to enroll your SmartBro account to your Banco De Oro (BDO) online banking.

BDO Internet Banking

With BDO  Internet Banking, you can access your accounts and do banking transactions anytime, anywhere. BDO, one of the biggest and trusted banks in the Philippines now offers internet banking.

Before applying for BDO Internet banking, one must have a BDO account number, a valid e-mail address and a phone number. Enrolling for BDO Internet banking is very simple if you have the necessary details of your bank account.

Odesk Review


Changing how the world works

Odesk is a good place to start your freelance career. I joined Odesk last January 2010 and remained satisfied offering my freelance services until present. It is a global workforce for entrepreneurs and freelancers. Here's a review about how Odesk works  based on my experience as a contractor.

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

About oDesk

Odesk is a legit site which serves as an online portal for employers and different breed of freelancers. It is where employers and freelances meet, negotiate and process jobs. Odesk hosts thousands of job opportunities for freelancers from programmers, web designers, virtual assistants, freelance writers, telemarketers, SEO experts, and other more.

Add your Bank account to your PayPal account

Linking your bank account to your Paypal account is very easy as well as withdrawing your Paypal funds. After you have successfully added your bank you will be able to receive your Paypal funds in Philippine peso in just 3-5 business days. Here's how to add your bank account to your PayPal account.

Bank Codes of Major Banks in the Philippines

It is important that you know the corresponding 9-digit bank code to complete a PayPal withdrawal in the Philippines. Here is a list of different bank codes in the Philippines.

Verify Paypal Account using BDO ATM Debit Card


UPDATE: This post was created last 2011 and Paypal verification process using "BDO ATM debit card with MasterCard logo" may no longer work now. My account was verified using this card way back in 2011. However, I cannot guarantee if the process still works up to this date. If you keep getting errors then use a different card.

To verify Paypal account using your BDO ATM debit card, you must have an account with Paypal.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

You must have a BDO debit card. If you don't have one, go to the nearest BDO branch and apply.

Remember that all the info particularly the name and address on your application form for ATM Debit Card must be the same as the name and address you have registered on your PayPal account.

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