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BDO Internet Banking

With BDO  Internet Banking, you can access your accounts and do banking transactions anytime, anywhere. BDO, one of the biggest and trusted banks in the Philippines now offers internet banking.

Before applying for BDO Internet banking, one must have a BDO account number, a valid e-mail address and a phone number. Enrolling for BDO Internet banking is very simple if you have the necessary details of your bank account.

Update: Recently, BDO has updated their Internet Banking Enrollment process. The process is now simpler than what is stated in this post. Click here for the updated steps for BDO Internet banking Enrollment.

Here's how to enroll for BDO Internet Banking.

First, Go to
Then click on enrol now.

Read the "Electronic Banking Terms and Conditions of  Use" and click on "I agree"

Fill out the BDO User Registration form, enter your desired User ID, password and supply all the needed information.

Submit the form and you'll recieve an email notification. Remember to keep your User-ID and password.

Now, check the status of your enrollment for BDO internet banking.

Login to your BDO account using the username and password that you have entered in the enrollment form.

Put a check mark on "User with pending application" and click on login.

Click on "View Application Status" and select "Application Status Inquiry"

Once the Status states "Online application submitted," you may now print the form and submit it to any nearest BDO branch.

Wait for a week or two for your application to be approved. Mine was confirmed after ten days. You will receive an email notification once the application is approved.

Internet banking has a lot of benefits. You can easily view statement of accounts online, pay bills online, transfer and transfer funds to other accounts and many more. Provided an internet connection, you will be able to manage and access your bank accounts anytime and anywhere.
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  1. what form is that? the form that going to submit to BDO? will you show sample?

  2. That's the online application form. Before, it needs to be forwarded to a BDO branch to be confirmed. But now, BDO has changed their Internet Banking Application. You may refer to

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