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Odesk Review


Changing how the world works

Odesk is a good place to start your freelance career. I joined Odesk last January 2010 and remained satisfied offering my freelance services until present. It is a global workforce for entrepreneurs and freelancers. Here's a review about how Odesk works  based on my experience as a contractor.

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

About oDesk

Odesk is a legit site which serves as an online portal for employers and different breed of freelancers. It is where employers and freelances meet, negotiate and process jobs. Odesk hosts thousands of job opportunities for freelancers from programmers, web designers, virtual assistants, freelance writers, telemarketers, SEO experts, and other more.

Freelancers can offer their services and be paid on hourly-rate or by fixed-priced contracts. Clients, also known as employers (on odesk) post their job openings for freelancers, also known as contractors (on odesk) to do the work. Contracts range from big to small and long to short term ones. Employers have the choice to wait for providers to apply to their job postings or they can search and select their favorite providers and send them an invite for a job offer.

Creating your Contractor Profile

First, if you are serious about working on odesk, you must create a profile with your real information. This profile serves as your online resume. You may also want to upload a portfolio so employers can have a preview of your work samples. Take some time to update and review your profile so it would be impressive enough for perspective employers.

Presenting Your skills

One way to prove your skills is to take tests. Odesk offers hundreds of free skill tests to help you measure and present your skills to perspective employers. Another benefit of taking tests is to raise job application quota, especially for newbies. Try to take the test for every skill you listed in your profile and any others that are related to your skills.

The odesk readiness test is one test that odesk encourage every contractor to take. Your job application quota will be greatly increased once you pass this simple test. It's open book, very short and retake is allowed. It's more like a tutorial than a test, to make sure that you are equipped with the necessary info about working on odesk. I easily passed the said test because I have read the policies and procedures about working on odesk.

Managing your Work

On every new contract, take some some time to review the instructions given by your employer and check if you have the necessary tools for the work. For hourly jobs, you need to download oDesk Team app. It logs your time and your screen at regular intervals. It basically monitors your work.

Communication is important to successful contracts. It is good to update your employer about your work progress and ask the necessary questions if you do not understand something (rather than being stuck or to work in the dark).

Once a task is completed, update your employer about it. Both employer and contractor have the chance to leave a feedback. It is better if the employer would be the one to end the contract so he can evaluate if the deliverable is complete. If you have any issues with your employer, try to bring it up first instead of just leaving a negative feedback. Again, communication is vital in any kind of work.

Odesk Payment Methods

Odesk has this what they call as payment guarantee. Odesk is the first and only service to guarantee that an hour billed is an hour worked and that an hour worked is an hour paid (works for hourly-rate contracts).

Odesk offers different payment methods through Paypal, Moneybookers, Payoneer debit Card and the latest is via Local Funds Transfer (for selected countries only). Check out Odesk Payment methods to learn more about this. For freelancers based in the  Philippines like me, almost all oDesk payment methods are available. For me, two of my favorites are withdrawing via Local Funds Transfer and Paypal.

Searching and finding a work at home website is not that easy. Give freelancing a shot by trying odesk. Get started with oDesk now.
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  1. Hi Mj,

    I am new to Odesk. Can you give me some tips on how to write quality articles just like yours? :)

  2. Alternatively, you may also check that provides full time online work. There are recruitment specialists there that can help you find a job so it is no longer necessary to create a cover letter.


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