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PayPal versus oDesk Local Funds Transfer: Which is a better withdrawal method for Pinoy Odesk Contractors?

Before, I prefer to transfer my earnings from oDesk to PayPal and withdraw it to my BPI account. But after hopping from different methods of withdrawing my earnings, I have finally decided to stick with oDesk Local Funds Transfer (LFT). Why? Here's a proof of comparison.

oDesk officially launches Philippine Local Funds Transfer (LFT)

Kudos to oDesk team and good news to oDesk Pinoy Freelancers! It is confirmed that oDesk Local Funds Transfer in the Philippines is officially launched and fully operational.

I received an email from oDesk last April 26 announcing the official launch of  Local Funds Transfer in the Philippines and I must admit that I was happy about it. Who wouldn't want lesser charges and NO third-party payment vendor involved for withdrawal transactions? I think no one.

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

What is oDesk Local Funds Transfer?

oDesk Local Funds Transfer (LFT) is a new offering from oDesk that allows Philippines-based oDesk contractors to withdraw their earnings directly from oDesk to their bank account in Philippine Pesos for only $0.99 per withdrawal.

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