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Check your SSS contribution Online. Yes, it is never too EARLY to think about retirement.


When I was still a regular employee, saving for retirement was the last thing on my mind. Oh no, I think it didn't even crossed my mind. Well, what do you expect from a young mind. The Human Resources Department of my previous employers handled all SSS, BIR, and Philhealth transactions. But now, being one of the many Filipino oDesk contractors, it is quite different. Specifically working online where all transactions are done virtually. My clients abroad would not bother to think about my insurance or retirement funds since their businesses are not physically located in the Philippines. If I want to get the SSS, Philhealth and other insurance benefits that regular employees get, then I have to apply and pay for everything myself. That's the trade off in freelancing.

I’ve registered my SSS account online last 2009, when the unforgettable Typhoon Ondoy devastated my Marikinang hirang. I've signed up for an account to check if I am qualified for the calamity loan offered by SSS that time. I haven't checked my account since then. It is only recently when I've decided to continue for the contribution voluntarily. Since it's been a while, I've unluckily forgotten any of my user-id and password so called their hotline to request for a new one.

Registering for an account to SSS online inquiry system is easy. Go to, on the upper left corner of the page you'll see the Member Login area, click on "Sign up as a Member"  and enter all the required information (SSS number, name, birth name, a valid email address, and your employer's SSS number "your latest employer's SSS number, if resigned").

The online system contains information about the member’s monthly SSS contributions, benefits, loan application status and premium payments made, among others. It provides the ease of accessing the information you need.

So you may want to check your SSS contribution online and verify if the money deducted from your salary is indeed being contributed to SSS.

I'm happy that my previous employers haven't missed any posting of SSS contribution to my account. Now, I'm paying it on my own (through bancnet online) and will continue to pay for it while I'm still young. Aside from have a personal savings account, it is also best to have a retirement fund. Save up for the future!
5 comments on "Check your SSS contribution Online. Yes, it is never too EARLY to think about retirement."
  1. do you pay taxes then?

    cus you're still an active member of SSS

  2. Hi Sterndal!

    It is our duty as Filipinos (regular employees or not) to follow the law and pay our taxes.

    But "payment for taxes" is not a requirement for SSS membership. Yes, I am an active member of SSS and have decided to pay my monthly contributions voluntarily even after resigning because of the benefits/retirement fund that I would get in the future. I've just continued my contributions from a regular employee to a voluntary SSS member.

    "Taxes for freelancers" is really one of the many issues that most freelancers have difficulty dealing with, including me. I've been researching a lot about this and these are some good resources for info about it.

  3. Hi MJ,

    after resignation, can we automatically pay SSS voluntarily? or do we need to go into another process?


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