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DTI Online Business Name Registration: Register Your Business Name in an Instant!


Setting up a business is not that easy. There are several government agencies that you have to register with depending on the type of your business. One of those agencies is the Department of Trade and Industry.

So, is it difficult to register a business name? I would say No. I've been researching a lot about the how to's of getting business licenses and permits so I've come up with this compiled information about DTI Online Business Name Registration, with an added user experience of course.

DTI Business Registration

How do I apply for a Business Name?

There are three (3) modes in registering business names:

1. Purely over the counter - Registration can be done at any DTI Field Office. Here in NCR, DTI-NCR has four Area offices and three satellite offices.

2. Online end-to-end – File application online at, pay the required fees through G-Cash, and print certificate at your place. However, the owner must go personally to DTI within 10 working days to present one photo-bearing national issued Identification Document (ID) and the duly-accomplished application form with signature.

3. Hybrid – Combination of over the counter and online application
File application online, pay and get the certificate at DTI Office or at selected SM and Mail and More outlets. File and pay online and get the certificate at any DTI Office or at selected SM and Mail and More outlets.

How much do I need to pay?

Per DTI Department Administrative Order No. 10-10, series of 2010, starting 03 January 2011, the following registration fees for every application for registration of BUSINESS NAME (original and renewal) depending on the territorial jurisdiction covered in the application are as follows:

Barangay PHP 200.00
City/Municipality PHP 500.00
Regional PHP 1,000.00
National PHP 2,000.00

Business name registration will not be a bother anymore since we already have the option to do it online. I have chosen the third mode of application since an SM outlet is just a ride away from home. I don't want to hassle with all that waiting in line at the DTI office, so I've secured my family's business name registration online, then paid and picked up the certificate at SM Marikina Business Service Center. I've paid a total of Php 515 because our business falls under City/Municipality scope. This also includes Php 15 for the documentary stamp tax.

Below are the steps in securing an application online.

1. Think of at least three business names before registering online.

2. Search for a Business Name

Go to and check if your desired Business name has not been registered by anyone else.

3. Register your Business Name

Go to and click on "New Application" at the left sidebar. Information marked with an asterisk (*) is a required field to be filled out. Otherwise, you will receive an error message prompting you to fill them before the succeeding page is displayed. At the end of the application form, select the method of payment and receiving Business Name Document from DTI. If you've decided to pick up the certificate at DTI or at selected SM and Mail and More outlets, you'll need to print the Transaction Reference Number (TRN) Acknowledgement found on the last page of the online application form.

5. Submit Documentary Requirements

The TRN Acknowledgement form should be signed and submitted at any DTI Office or at selected SM and Mail and More outlets.

6. Pay your Application

Payment of application fee can be made at any DTI Office or at selected SM and Mail and More outlets. You have the option to pay through GCash.  (To avail of GCash services, you have to register with GLOBE).

Aside from new business name application, DTI's online services also include request for renewal, certification, resubmission of rejected application, change of Business Name information, and cancellation of business.
15 comments on "DTI Online Business Name Registration: Register Your Business Name in an Instant!"
  1. how to retrieve my acknowledgement receipt coz i want to print it.TRN: 3411945

    1. I've got the same query, how to retrieve TRN for printing? where to find the answer?

  2. their online payment sucks! Waited for 5 minutes as they have indicated but nothing happens. Tried G-cash and Bancnet options. No go. So, I resorted to visit their office here in Cebu instead of paying online.

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  4. Thank you for this post. It was a big help on my part since I'm working with my business registration in the Philippines.

  5. I totally agree that it will be easier to use the smart way rather than the usual way in Business Registration, especially when you are busy and don't have time to register your business.

  6. i applied for new business name; unfortunately i accidentally close the website without printing and even record my TRN Number?...can you help me retrieve it and how? thanks

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