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Dumaluan Beach, Panglao, Bohol


Bohol isn't just about tarsier and the chocolates hills. It also has beautiful and powdery white sand beaches. Panglao, Bohol is home to two of the best known white beaches in Bohol, the crowded Alona beach and the more secluded Dumaluan beach. I like Dumaluan beach more because of its peaceful ambiance.



Who wants a free movie treat?

If you want one then free up your schedule on December 8 because a grand movie blow-out will be happening on that day!

SM Cinema, the largest film exhibitor in the Philippines has made a notable milestone by recently converting all its film-based theaters into digital theaters. To celebrate 100% digital clarity and as a way of giving back to its beloved customers, SM Cinema is going to have a FREE MOVIE DAY this December 8, 2012.

The SM FREE MOVIE DAY will offer free movies in all of SM Cinema’s 246 digital theaters in all 45 branches nationwide.

oDesk Contractor Appreciation Day - Quezon City, Philippines


November 6, QUEZON CITY — Approximately 300 Filipino oDesk contractors gathered at the UP Bahay ng Alumni to attend the oDesk Contractor Appreciation Day 2012.

This is the second time that oDesk has organized a meet and greet for their selected contractors. As per oDesk, they've invited the highest-earning contractors who were active in the last 180 days, have an overall feedback rating above 4.5, and were not suspended to the Contractor Appreciation Day. As a freelancer and an oDesk contractor, that reason alone made me feel honored to be invited in this special event for oDesk contractors.

Two of the oDesk team members (Matt Cooper, VP for Operations, and Mollie Carter, Director of Customer Marketing) talked about the new updates that oDesk has made to make our lives easier. They answered questions about the issues we are currently experiencing and shared how they are addressing these problems. It was good to hear that they really take time to resolve these issues particularly the problem associated with Local Funds Transfer. They've also announced that the remittance fee for LFT-BDO will be waived soon. They've presented some videos on where the Filipino contractors stand today and shared their vision of the future of online work. I was not surprised to know that Filipinos are now dominating the number of oDesk contractors.

After Matt & Molly's presentation, Mike Shwe, a representative from Google also shared his experience in working with Filipino contractors. A lot of Google's independent contributors are Filipinos and he said that there are more job opportunities Google has to offer.

Another exciting part of the event is the awarding of oDesk top Filipno contractors. After that, we all had a snack break and started networking. I've got the chance to meet my fellow Girltalkers Jane, Jenny, and Angel in person. We also had fun in their photo-booth where we had our profile pictures taken.

GT's Lenie, Angel and Jane

Me and the very friendly Mollie Carter, oDesk Director of Customer Marketing

I've attended the last year's first ever oDesk meet & greet and I can say that this year's event was a also a success. It was very simple. I hope that there was more of crowd interaction rather than just presentations. The event  was not that extravagant but what I've enjoyed most is the time I spent with my co-freelancers. It was indeed a fun afternoon to learn, share, and connect with other contractors and the oDesk team.

My oDesk Success Story


This September 2012 marks my 32nd month in oDesk. I've been offering my freelance services through this company since 2010 and I have completed 105 jobs so far.

odesk success story

Starting out in oDesk is difficult, especially if you are not serious about starting a career online. It is not a place for easy money. If you think otherwise, then forget about joining the company. You must have marketable skills and good work attitude in order to become a successful oDesk contractor.

Below are some statements (feedback) from a few of my clients in oDesk. 

odesk success story

What is oDesk?

oDesk is a global workforce for entrepreneurs (clients) and freelancers (contractors such as programmers, web designers, virtual assistants, writers, etc). Most entrepreneurs don’t have much time and resources to do all the job alone, so they need reliable workers to assist them. And in finding workers to assist them, they aren't just limited to people in their local area, they can also outsource work to people in different parts of the globe. This is where oDesk comes in. It is where employers and freelancers meet, negotiate and process jobs.

Majority of oDesk clients are from English speaking countries, so a huge market is available to English speaking contractors like Filipinos. Good thing that some of my team mates are Filipinos. I do not feel isolated at work because I know I have some of my fellow countrymen to relate to.

My oDesk Success Story

Finding reputable clients in oDesk is not easy. There are a lot of scammers out there ready to take your output and run away without paying anything for your hard work. I once experienced this kind of abuse so I learned to be cautious and vigilant in applying for jobs and accepting contracts. Through the years, I have developed a keen eye for good clients. I already know how to spot the trustworthy ones from those who aren't.

I currently have five active contracts from different clients in oDesk. I always strive to build a healthy working relationship with each of them and I am grateful that they all have positive attitude toward me and my work. I manage my time wisely and I make sure that I always produce high quality of work whenever I'm assigned to a certain task. I'm glad that I can impart something to help their businesses grow while keeping my skills sharp.

odesk success story

With a feedback score of 4.97/5.00 and 3748 completed hours, I can say that working full time in oDesk has become my bread and butter since the day I left my work in the corporate industry (now I can even earn twice as much with half the stress). I still continue to update my skills and aspire to be a professional of honesty and reliability even working online. I feel blessed that I've discovered oDesk and have become part of it, especially in this booming stage of virtual economy. I am grateful that I'm able to choose my work, get paid with a competitive rate that I deserve, work at my own pace, earn without leaving the comfort of my home and above all, have more time to spend with family.

[BDO INTERNET BANKING ENROLLMENT] Experience Hassle-Free Banking 2017

Applying for BDO Internet Banking is now easier and hassle-free. If you have a BDO ATM, then you can automatically enroll for BDO Online Banking.

Here are just some of the great features of BDO Internet Banking.

Ability to check your account balance 24/7.
Ability to view the transaction history of your bank account.
You can pay your bills online.
You can transfer funds online.
Transactions are free of charge. (the best one)

Just follow these simple steps for BDO Internet Banking Enrollment.

1. Visit and click on Enroll Now!

bdo internet banking

A Gift from PHL360 (my favorite Travel Web Series)


What's more fun than receiving a gift from your favorite travel show this gloomy afternoon?


This afternoon, I have received a package from PHL360. It's a prize from one of their promos. The package contains a South East Asia Backpacker shirt and a magazine. I really love the package! Thanks PHL360! But aside from this tangible gift, I think the weekly feed of travel inspiration from this web series is the most important gift that PHL360 has given to their followers.

Balicasag Island, Bohol

Snorkeling in Balicasag Fish Sanctuary

After the dolphin watching in Pamilican Island, me and my friends were already ready for snorkeling. We headed to Balicasag Island, rented gears and went to the fish sanctuary.

Snorkeling in Balicasag Fish Sanctuary

I admit, I was scared at first, it was my first time to snorkel. But after seeing my friends enjoy the water and view underneath, I courageously hopped to the water (with the assistance of our boatman, of course) and joined them. I won't let myself ruin the chance to experience the colorful world underwater. There are lots of fishes and corals (in different forms and sizes). We've witnessed the beauty of the marine life without having to be professional drivers.

Bohol Island Hopping

When visiting Bohol, never miss to include island hopping in your itinerary. You'll surely enjoy various water activities in Bohol. Here are just some of the activities we've done and islands we've visited in our Bohol Sea Tour.

island hopping bohol

Dolphin Watching

Bohol Island Hopping

Snorkeling in Balicasag Island Fish Sanctuary

Bohol Island Hopping

Virgin Island, Bohol

Bohol does not only offer beautiful land attractions. It also showcases incredible sea and island adventures, definitely one of the most sought-after sea adventure in Bohol.

Virgin Island, Bohol

After the very fun snorkeling trip and lunch at Balicasag Island, we immediately headed to an island famous for its sandbar, the Virgin Island, Bohol.

Virgin Island Bohol

This island has a beautiful and long white sandbar. A few vendors were present in the island. They sell pearls, shells and sea urchins. Two of my friends tried to eat some of the raw urchins and said that it tasted weird. After that, we explored the island and just took some photos.

Dolphin Watching in Bohol

When visiting Bohol, never miss to include island hopping in your itinerary. You'll surely enjoy various water activities like Dolphin Watching, Snorkeling and Island hopping in Bohol.

dolphin watching bohol

Dolphin Watching in Bohol

Make sure to start the sea tour early so you can spot the dolphins in full freedom at the sea.

Our second day in Bohol started out as planned. We woke up as early as 5 am, ate our breakfast and proceeded to the shore at around 6am.

Panglao Island is incredibly beautiful, but a more incredible place awaits you away from the shore.


Among the many land attractions we've visited in Bohol, Loboc Ecotourism Adventure Park is definitely the bomb.

After cruising the Loboc River, my friends and I went to Loboc Ecotourism Adventure Park and screamed our lungs out on their zip line adventure. The zip line crosses a distance of 520 meters from the starting point to the end point at the height of 120 meters over the Loboc river, a real challenge for acrophobics (those with fear of heights). Actually, we were more excited than scared.

Loboc Ecotourism Adventure Park

loboc bohol zipline

Disable the Globe iToolbar


I was happily browsing the web yesterday when a distracting purple toolbar suddenly appeared below the lower right screen of my monitor. It pops up whenever I open or browse a new page and it is really annoying. It wastes a lot of screen estate and it automatically brings you to the Globe tattoo page, which you wouldn't want to go in the first place. Obviously, the expandable iToolbar seems to be from Globe.

Disable Globe iToolbar



If you're yearning to visit a uniquely-themed restaurant in Metro Manila, then go to Pan de Amerikana, Marikina.

Pan de Amerikana

Pan de Amerikana is one of the must-see restaurants in Marikina. A very affordable and unique kind of restaurant in Metro Manila.

restaurants in marikina

A life size wind-driven windmill will fascinate you upon entering Pan de Amerikana.

Aside from its beautiful frontage, I must say that Pan de Amerikana has a very lovely interior. I find its garden with an Italian/European setting very unconventional and classy. The restaurant has a built in waterfalls, wishing well, tree house, rope bridge and Koi pond for your visual delight. You can also find different vintage displays near the counter area.

restaurants in marikina
Pan de Amerikana
Pan de Amerikana

I often see photographers flock together in this place. With a very unique interior, Pan de Amerikana has become very popular for pre-nuptial pictorials. You can arrange one for a fee. Even diners can't help themselves not to take photos of the place (don't worry, it's for free :)). It has this cozy ambiance that makes every diner feel comfortable. You can choose to dine in benches, old antique wood tables or even in batibot chairs.

Pan de Amerikana
Pan de Amerikana

While dining, anyone can also test their strategic abilities by playing chess. You can use the regular tournament-sized table chess pieces or play around the JUMBO-sized 3 1/2 feet high plastic pieces.

Pan de Amerikana
Pan de Amerikana
Pan de Amerikana
Photo courtesy of web design tutor

Pan de Amerikana offers reasonable and affordable food and service. Perfect for dates on a tight budget. The restaurant may look pretty expensive but food items are very affordable. Food price starts at P50, (yes very affordable). They also sell authentic 1950's pandesal, baked in a traditional wood-fired oven (pugon). The food may not be as sumptuous as the ones offered by high-end restaurants (nothing fancy), but its vintage and romantic setting pretty justifies its value for money.

Pan de Amerikana serves food for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 6am to 7pm on weekdays and only up to 3pm on Sundays.

How to go to Pan de Amerikana via public transport

Visiting Pan de Americaka in Marikina is very easy. It is just one ride away from Gateway Mall, Cubao. From Gateway terminal, take an FX bound to SSS Village and tell the driver to drop you off at Pan de Amerikana or ride a jeepney going to SSS Village and get off at Bay tree, it's just a few meters away from the restaurant.

Pan de Amerikana

Pan de Amerikana, Marikina

#92 General OrdoƱez,
Concepcion Dos,
Marikina City
tel. 475-2398

Pan de Amerikana has another branch in Katipunan too! It is said to be the first upside down restaurant in Southeast Asia. I'll check that out sometime soon.


Other equally awesome dining places in Marikina

Some Kind of Wonderful Cafe

Anawangin Cove Adventure


Anawangin is a famous camping site in Zambales.  If you're up for challenge and adventure then you would definitely enjoy the experience of simple back to basics kind of living at the Anawangin cove.

anawangin cove

Bay's Inn Restaurant, Baler


Bay's Inn Restaurant is one of the famous restaurants in Baler. Conveniently situated near the shore of Sabang Beach, Bay's Inn restaurant is the perfect hangout place where people dine, relax and enjoy the view of the beach.

Surfing at Sabang Beach, Baler

Are you thinking of spending your summer with a twist? Then you may want to try surfing at one of our country's best surf spot, Sabang Beach, Baler.

Surfing at Sabang Beach Baler

Surfing at Sabang Beach, Baler

There are different surf spots in Baler, but Sabang Beach is the friendliest for beginners. It is not too deep, though the waves are quite intimidating, you won't be drowned even if you fall off the surf board, unless you don't know how to swim.

We've found two Surf shops in Sabang Beach, (Mahdox Surf and Charlie Does) but we've decided to go with the latter because of its proximity to (Bay's Inn) our accommodation for the first day in Baler.


If you've been longing for a relaxing weekend getaway but can't afford to go far from Metro Manila then 88 Hotspring Resort and Spa in Laguna is the best place for you. This sanctuary is just less than two hours ride from Manila.

88 Hotspring Resort and Spa

In search of hot spring resorts near Manila, I found this clean and very appealing Korean resort in Laguna. The resort's amenities including pools and rooms are very clean. They have lots of warm pools that everyone can enjoy. These include Fengshui Pool, Jacuzzi, Hot Mini, Hot Standard, Kiddies Standard and Standard pool.

88 Hotspring Resort and Spa

Room rate for an overnight stay is a bit expensive, but the entrance fee for a day tour is quite reasonable. For just P500, you can freely enjoy a whole day of swimming and relaxation from their hot spring pools. What's also good is they provide lockers for your belongings.

88 Hotspring Resort and Spa
the man-made lake
88 Hotspring Resort and Spa

The 88 Hotspring Resort has a restaurant that serves Korean and Filipino dishes. We've tried their breakfast and it was good. It was just too pricey so we just went to the nearest mall for the rest of our meals.

A lot of Koreans go there, so don't be surprised if you and a few from the staff are the only Filipinos in that place. They arrive in groups and usually stay for a day tour just to take a dip in 88's hot spring pools.

88 Hotspring Resort and Spa

Overall, 88 Hotspring Resort and Spa is a good place to relax and experience the benefit of spa or hot spring pools without having to travel far away from the city. I will definitely go back again in this place.

Visit their website for more info.


#9601 National Highway, Bagong Kalsada, Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines
Tel: +63-49-536-1388   Mobile: +63-920-857-4888

Baler Tour (Travel Guide)

Here are some useful tips on getting to and getting around Baler, one of Philippines' best surfing spot.

Baler, Aurora

How to get to Baler (in comfort and style)

Via Genesis Joybus

If you plan to reach Baler in less than 6 hours, then reserve a ticket for Genesis Joybus. It's the only bus transport that offers a direct trip from Manila to Baler. Joybus is equipped with reclining chairs, wifi on board, snacks, pillows, blankets and most importantly a lavatory. The bus ride from Cubao to Baler via Joybus is the most comfortable bus ride I've ever had.

Genesis Joybus Baler
Joybus reclining chair, pillow, blanket & snacks

Reservations Number: 02 709 05 45
Fare: P650

Where to Stay in Baler

Bay's Inn

Bay's Inn
Bay's Inn

Bay's Inn offers lodging and dining at an affordable price. Their staff are friendly and nice. The place is really close to the beach. They also have a restaurant situated just by the beach where people enjoy, relax and surf.

Bay's Inn
Bay's Inn Restaurant

Reservations Number: 09189266697/09089823509
Rates: P700-P3000

Bahia de Baler

Bahia de Baler
Trail to Bahia de Baler's Cafe Rosa

Bahia de Baler is a newly built resort in Sabang Beach, Baler. It provides first class accommodation and great dining options. A lot more expensive, but its facilities are far better than Bay's Inn. They also have other amenities like Gym, mini Zoo and a Cafe.

Bahia de Baler

Bahia de baler II
Bahia de Baler
Bahia de baler II

Bahia de Baler's Mini Zoo
Bahia de Baler Mini Zoo
Bahia de Baler's Mini Zoo


Charlie Does Surf  Shop 

Charlie Does

Bahia de Baler guests enjoy a special discount for surf lessons at Charlie Does Surf Shop!

Reservations Number: 0908-982-7064 or 0908-732-0672
Rates: P1600-P7000

Getting around Baler

Tricycle Tour

If you want to visit the Historical Spots and Natural Wonders of Baler then go for a tricycle tour. It's the only mode of public transport around Baler. They charge depending on the places where you want to go, so be good in haggling.

Tricycle Tour Baler
Tricycle Tour with AJ

They are found anywhere in Sabang Beach but they have also a terminal near Bay's Inn. You can also ask your accommodation if they can refer an accredited tour guide for your trip.

Fare: P400-800 (inclusive of gas, driver's fee and and guide (also the driver)

Tricycle Tour Baler
List of Historical and famous Nature wonders in Baler

Feel free to use these information for your Baler Tour .Go and visit Baler soon!

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