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Bay's Inn Restaurant, Baler


Bay's Inn Restaurant is one of the famous restaurants in Baler. Conveniently situated near the shore of Sabang Beach, Bay's Inn restaurant is the perfect hangout place where people dine, relax and enjoy the view of the beach.

Surfing at Sabang Beach, Baler

Are you thinking of spending your summer with a twist? Then you may want to try surfing at one of our country's best surf spot, Sabang Beach, Baler.

Surfing at Sabang Beach Baler

Surfing at Sabang Beach, Baler

There are different surf spots in Baler, but Sabang Beach is the friendliest for beginners. It is not too deep, though the waves are quite intimidating, you won't be drowned even if you fall off the surf board, unless you don't know how to swim.

We've found two Surf shops in Sabang Beach, (Mahdox Surf and Charlie Does) but we've decided to go with the latter because of its proximity to (Bay's Inn) our accommodation for the first day in Baler.


If you've been longing for a relaxing weekend getaway but can't afford to go far from Metro Manila then 88 Hotspring Resort and Spa in Laguna is the best place for you. This sanctuary is just less than two hours ride from Manila.

88 Hotspring Resort and Spa

In search of hot spring resorts near Manila, I found this clean and very appealing Korean resort in Laguna. The resort's amenities including pools and rooms are very clean. They have lots of warm pools that everyone can enjoy. These include Fengshui Pool, Jacuzzi, Hot Mini, Hot Standard, Kiddies Standard and Standard pool.

88 Hotspring Resort and Spa

Room rate for an overnight stay is a bit expensive, but the entrance fee for a day tour is quite reasonable. For just P500, you can freely enjoy a whole day of swimming and relaxation from their hot spring pools. What's also good is they provide lockers for your belongings.

88 Hotspring Resort and Spa
the man-made lake
88 Hotspring Resort and Spa

The 88 Hotspring Resort has a restaurant that serves Korean and Filipino dishes. We've tried their breakfast and it was good. It was just too pricey so we just went to the nearest mall for the rest of our meals.

A lot of Koreans go there, so don't be surprised if you and a few from the staff are the only Filipinos in that place. They arrive in groups and usually stay for a day tour just to take a dip in 88's hot spring pools.

88 Hotspring Resort and Spa

Overall, 88 Hotspring Resort and Spa is a good place to relax and experience the benefit of spa or hot spring pools without having to travel far away from the city. I will definitely go back again in this place.

Visit their website for more info.


#9601 National Highway, Bagong Kalsada, Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines
Tel: +63-49-536-1388   Mobile: +63-920-857-4888

Baler Tour (Travel Guide)

Here are some useful tips on getting to and getting around Baler, one of Philippines' best surfing spot.

Baler, Aurora

How to get to Baler (in comfort and style)

Via Genesis Joybus

If you plan to reach Baler in less than 6 hours, then reserve a ticket for Genesis Joybus. It's the only bus transport that offers a direct trip from Manila to Baler. Joybus is equipped with reclining chairs, wifi on board, snacks, pillows, blankets and most importantly a lavatory. The bus ride from Cubao to Baler via Joybus is the most comfortable bus ride I've ever had.

Genesis Joybus Baler
Joybus reclining chair, pillow, blanket & snacks

Reservations Number: 02 709 05 45
Fare: P650

Where to Stay in Baler

Bay's Inn

Bay's Inn
Bay's Inn

Bay's Inn offers lodging and dining at an affordable price. Their staff are friendly and nice. The place is really close to the beach. They also have a restaurant situated just by the beach where people enjoy, relax and surf.

Bay's Inn
Bay's Inn Restaurant

Reservations Number: 09189266697/09089823509
Rates: P700-P3000

Bahia de Baler

Bahia de Baler
Trail to Bahia de Baler's Cafe Rosa

Bahia de Baler is a newly built resort in Sabang Beach, Baler. It provides first class accommodation and great dining options. A lot more expensive, but its facilities are far better than Bay's Inn. They also have other amenities like Gym, mini Zoo and a Cafe.

Bahia de Baler

Bahia de baler II
Bahia de Baler
Bahia de baler II

Bahia de Baler's Mini Zoo
Bahia de Baler Mini Zoo
Bahia de Baler's Mini Zoo


Charlie Does Surf  Shop 

Charlie Does

Bahia de Baler guests enjoy a special discount for surf lessons at Charlie Does Surf Shop!

Reservations Number: 0908-982-7064 or 0908-732-0672
Rates: P1600-P7000

Getting around Baler

Tricycle Tour

If you want to visit the Historical Spots and Natural Wonders of Baler then go for a tricycle tour. It's the only mode of public transport around Baler. They charge depending on the places where you want to go, so be good in haggling.

Tricycle Tour Baler
Tricycle Tour with AJ

They are found anywhere in Sabang Beach but they have also a terminal near Bay's Inn. You can also ask your accommodation if they can refer an accredited tour guide for your trip.

Fare: P400-800 (inclusive of gas, driver's fee and and guide (also the driver)

Tricycle Tour Baler
List of Historical and famous Nature wonders in Baler

Feel free to use these information for your Baler Tour .Go and visit Baler soon!

Baler Beauty

Baler is famous for being a surfer’s paradise. But aside from that, Baler is also rich in natural wonders and historical landmarks. Here are some of the best Baler tourist spots that you may want to see.

Ditumabo Falls (Mother Falls)

Ditumabo Falls, also known as the Mother Falls, is the largest water falls in Aurora. It is around 40 minutes away from Sabang and is situated at the town of San Luis.

The trail to Ditumabo falls is simple but a bit challenging. You'll pass through a literally rocky road before reaching the jump off point and will endure a 1.3km trek before seeing the majestic Mother falls.

Ditumabo Falls, Baler

The Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort

If you're looking for a getaway place where you can relax and retreat without having to go outside Metro Manila, then The Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort is the best place for you.

The Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort

Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort

The Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort is just along the National Highway in Tanay, Rizal. We've been there last year for a short vacation and will definitely be coming back. The place is cold and quiet. Definitely a great place to unwind and bond with nature.

Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort

Here, you'll have a good view of the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges.

Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort

Pine trees are everywhere.

Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort

The  hanging bridge is one of The Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort's best spot.
No need to explain more, this photo shows it all.

Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort
The beautiful hanging bridge
Don't be surprised if you'll see a lot of bikers here in the morning. It's there favorite place for early munching.

Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort

The Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort offers really good dining options. I have enjoyed the breakfast with an overlooking view of the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges. Nothing is more relaxing than having your breakfast outdoors. It was definitely one of my best breakfasts ever!

They also have different amenities where you can enjoy activities like swimming, zip-lining, horse back riding,  and a bit of trekking.

Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort

Click here for The Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort Rates and Ways to get there.

This place is good for family bonding, retreats and team buildings. A quaint hideaway not to far away from the city.

The Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort Fees

The Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort offers a variety of activities to choose from. They also provide overnight accommodation.

Here's their latest Hotel and Resort Fees from their Facebook page.

Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort Accomodation Rates

You can choose whether to have a day camp or an overnight stay at the resort. They have several rooms  with different room rates according on the type (with or without view, etc).

How to get to The Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort via public transport.

From Cubao, ride an FX or a jeepney going to Cogeo and get off at Cogeo market. From Cogeo market, take the Sampaloc-Tanay jeepney. Be sure to inform the driver to drop you off  at The Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort.

Transportation cost is between P50-65 per person and will take about an hour's ride.

Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort

For more info, visit The Sierra Madre Hotel and Resort Facebook Page.

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