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Surfing at Sabang Beach, Baler

Are you thinking of spending your summer with a twist? Then you may want to try surfing at one of our country's best surf spot, Sabang Beach, Baler.

Surfing at Sabang Beach Baler

Surfing at Sabang Beach, Baler

There are different surf spots in Baler, but Sabang Beach is the friendliest for beginners. It is not too deep, though the waves are quite intimidating, you won't be drowned even if you fall off the surf board, unless you don't know how to swim.

We've found two Surf shops in Sabang Beach, (Mahdox Surf and Charlie Does) but we've decided to go with the latter because of its proximity to (Bay's Inn) our accommodation for the first day in Baler.

 Who Surfs?
Surfing at Sabang Beach Baler
Charlie Does

This surf shop offers surf board rental and surfing lesson. The fee for an hour of surfing lesson guided with a personal instructor is P350. Here, you'll learn the basics of surfing and hopefully be able to stand up on a surf board. I bet that beginners like us can't consume a whole hour of riding the waves. So we've decided to just pay for an hour. We're kinda lucky because the instructor agreed to accommodate an hour of surfing lesson for both of us. It's very tiring, but fun! Here's the evidence.

Surfing, Sabang Beach, Baler
getting ready for surfing

Surfing, Sabang Beach, Baler
He's definitely enjoying the waves.

Surfing, Sabang Beach, Baler
My turn, I kinda suck haha! but I enjoyed the ride

Surfing, Sabang Beach, Baler

Charlie Does Rates

Surfing lessons | P350 per hour
One hour surfing lessons inclusive of surf board and instructor

Surf Board Rental
Per hour    | Php 200
Half day     | Php 400
Whole day | Php 800

Morning Walk at Sabang Beach

If you're not that adventurous to try surfing at Sabang Beach, then you may just enjoy the great view that it offers.

Sabang Beach, Baler
Sabang Beach, Baler

Surfing at Sabang Beach, Baler

You can take a walk or jog. You may also do some morning stretch or exercise, just like my yoga pose.

Yoga at Baler
Yoga Bridge Pose

Discover Baler, learn how to ride the waves and enjoy the sunrise.  It's definitely worth a visit!

Surfing, Sabang Beach, Baler

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