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Disable the Globe iToolbar


I was happily browsing the web yesterday when a distracting purple toolbar suddenly appeared below the lower right screen of my monitor. It pops up whenever I open or browse a new page and it is really annoying. It wastes a lot of screen estate and it automatically brings you to the Globe tattoo page, which you wouldn't want to go in the first place. Obviously, the expandable iToolbar seems to be from Globe.

Disable Globe iToolbar

I checked the Globe tattoo website on how to remove or disable the Globe tattoo iToolbar but unfortunately haven't found anything. It has no disable or uninstall feature. Though it does not appear on secured (https) websites (thank God it won't affect any of my Google docs or data in the cloud), but it is still very distracting.

Thanks to Google who brought me to neilzzz01 of I installed adblocker to my browsers Chrome and Mozilla to filter the annoying Globe iToolbar and it worked like a charm.

I think Globe have already received a lot of complaints about this but haven't implemented any steps to resolve the issue yet. In the meantime, you can disable the iToolbar from popping out of nowhere using the steps from

From a customer perspective, adding this Globe iToolbar isn't a great idea. It is very distracting and it ruins the internet user experience. Instead of adding an annoying iToolbar, Globe should just really focus on a more important matter, which is to provide a faster and more reliable internet connection.

Update:  The Globe iToolbar is nowhere to be seen. I can no longer see the annoying toolbar even if I've uninstalled the adblocker. I think Globe has decided to remove the iToolbar, permanently I hope.
2 comments on "Disable the Globe iToolbar"
  1. Adblocker is <3

    I hate this too, but I'm on globelines now. Kakaasar lang, they think theyre 'advertising' but no. It's annoying! and it makes you want to shun globe.

  2. True, it is really annoying. The toolbar appeared on iOS and other devices using Globe 3G but it doesn't seem to appear now. Maybe they've got enough complaints to remove the annoying advert.


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