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Balicasag Island, Bohol

Snorkeling in Balicasag Fish Sanctuary

After the dolphin watching in Pamilican Island, me and my friends were already ready for snorkeling. We headed to Balicasag Island, rented gears and went to the fish sanctuary.

Snorkeling in Balicasag Fish Sanctuary

I admit, I was scared at first, it was my first time to snorkel. But after seeing my friends enjoy the water and view underneath, I courageously hopped to the water (with the assistance of our boatman, of course) and joined them. I won't let myself ruin the chance to experience the colorful world underwater. There are lots of fishes and corals (in different forms and sizes). We've witnessed the beauty of the marine life without having to be professional drivers.

The water at the snorkeling site of Balicasag island is calm and quiet. It is not intimidating. The Balicasag fish sanctuary is amazingly beautiful. I would definitely go back to Balicasag Island again. I've only got a few photos here, so go visit the place to better appreciate it.

balicasag island bohol
balicasag island bohol
balicasag island bohol
balicasag island bohol

Balicasag is not only a snorkel site, but also a dive spot, just a few meters from the shore is this sheer drop going further underneath the seas of Balicasag.

When we finally got tired snorkeling, after an hour or two, we returned to the shore and had our lunch. The food was great, but a bit pricey. After that, we've visited another island, the Virgin Island of Bohol.
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