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[BDO INTERNET BANKING ENROLLMENT] Experience Hassle-Free Banking 2017

Applying for BDO Internet Banking is now easier and hassle-free. If you have a BDO ATM, then you can automatically enroll for BDO Online Banking.

Here are just some of the great features of BDO Internet Banking.

Ability to check your account balance 24/7.
Ability to view the transaction history of your bank account.
You can pay your bills online.
You can transfer funds online.
Transactions are free of charge. (the best one)

Just follow these simple steps for BDO Internet Banking Enrollment.

1. Visit and click on Enroll Now!

bdo internet banking

A Gift from PHL360 (my favorite Travel Web Series)


What's more fun than receiving a gift from your favorite travel show this gloomy afternoon?


This afternoon, I have received a package from PHL360. It's a prize from one of their promos. The package contains a South East Asia Backpacker shirt and a magazine. I really love the package! Thanks PHL360! But aside from this tangible gift, I think the weekly feed of travel inspiration from this web series is the most important gift that PHL360 has given to their followers.

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