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Airphil cancels flights from Clark and re-routes to Manila for March 2013 onwards


airphil cancelled clark flights

Last October 2012, I've booked and purchased a March 2013 Clark-Puerto Prinsesa roundtrip ticket for three passengers from Airphil Express. Last week, a friend decided to go with us so I checked Airphil's website to book for one more passenger. And to my dismay, it says that there are no scheduled Clark-Puerto Prinsesa flights for my chosen dates. What the hell?

I remained calm and checked for other dates but there was really none. So what happened to the flights I've booked 4 months ago? I don't want to panic so I tried to check what's going on. I asked Airphil (via twitter) why flights from Clark-Puerto Prinsesa aren't available on the web for March 2013 onwards. After a few minutes, I've received a direct message from Airphil (still via twitter) stating that Clark-Puerto Prinsesa flights are cancelled from Feb22 until further notice, and that our flights have been re-routed to Manila instead of Clark.

They apologized and offered free rebooking and full refund of our tickets. I was really frustrated and disappointed that time, but still kept my cool. Refund or re-scheduling to other dates wouldn't be a good option as it would ruin our planned vacation. The best option would just be re-routing. I called their customer service hotline to check the available Manila-Puerto Prinsesa flights for our original travel dates and re-booked it for free. Good thing that seats are still available for our preferred time and date.

Aside from Clark to Puerto Prinsesa, Clark-Kalibo and Clark-Cebu routes were also cancelled (for reasons I do not know). They didn't provide any reason for cancelling our CRK-PPS-CRK flight. I no longer see available flights for these routes on Airphil's website for March 2013 onwards. Airphil is gradually removing their flights from Clark this February. Maybe they are starting to remove all their flights from Clark.

I just hope that in the future, if they are going to cancel a route or a flight, they must be responsible enough to inform their passengers about it. I haven't received any email or phone call from them. I was just lucky to have known this a month in advance and was able to rebook the tickets for free. But how about those who are still clueless about these flight changes, what's gonna happen to them?

This March 2013 will be my first time to fly with Airphil. And I hope that there wouldn't be any trouble on the day of our planned vacation. I'm still giving them another chance. I've tried the services of three other airlines (Cebu Pacific, Zest Air, and Tiger Airways -tiger informs their customer for flight changes) and I haven't experienced this kind of trouble with them.
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  1. Hi! I am the victim too! My flight is from Clark to Hong Kong!

    Airphil re-routed my trip from Manila to Hong Kong, however my ticket can't be re-issued because I am not paying for the Travel Tax (I am not a Filipino)

    We communicated for more than 10 hours and Airphil staff finally called me , saying that the ticketing system cannot print out the new ticket without settling the Travel Tax balance, in order to exempt from the Travel Tax, I have to re-issue the ticket at the airport!

    What a crazy arrangement! Totally feel disappointed with Airphil!

    Hope that my standby flight from Manila to Hong Kong will not be full on the day I arrive NAIA terminal... :(

  2. That's a very risky arrangement Steven. I completely understand your frustration. Let's just hope that you'd still get a seat and have your ticket re-issued upon Arrival in NAIA.

  3. Thanks... May I ask do you know why I don't have to pay the Travel Tax if I buy online? However I need to pay for phone booking?

    Now, Airphil Express considers re-schedule as phone booking, so stupid!!!

  4. Hi Steven, unfortunately I don't know the answer either. I haven't tried booking international flights with them. I can only speak for what I've experienced.

  5. I'm also a victim. Our flight from Cebu to Clark is cancelled and they're rerouting us to Manila. We got the notice two weeks after we booked the reservation. And we have an international flight to catch in Clark on the same day. All options that were offered to us were insensitive and unfair, considering that I have provided them with copies of our etickets that will be affected. I have already contacted the Civil Aeronautics Board to complain. They should stop accepting reservations at least 3 months prior to stopping their operations, and take into consideration the situation of the passengers.


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