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If you're visiting Palawan, you may want to try the Sabang X zipline, another great attraction in Sabang. This is different from the Ugong zipline in Palawan.

Sabang Zipline
refreshing view from the zipline

We actually requested our guide to include this in our itinerary. So right after visiting the Underground River, our boatman brought us to the Central Park Station where the trail to Sabang X Zipline is located. It was a short 10 minute walk trek through the beach and the monkey trail. Going up the hill was tiring but once you're on top and ready to take the ride, it's definitely worth the experience.

Sabang Zipline
central park station
Sabang Zipline
monkey trail
welcom to Sabang X Zipline!
Sabang Zipline
scared or excited?
Sabang Zipline
yay! at last!

I've tried different ziplines before and this one is not that scary. The highlight of Sabang X Zipline is the the breath taking view of mountains and the open sea. It was definitely an 800-meter ride of pure fun and excitement. Rate is P550 per person.

Sabang Zipline
the landing area

pahangin muna haha
Sabang Zipline
jeepney service 

After the activity, we were fetched by the Sabang Zipline's jeepney service and brought us to the wharf.

Sabang X Zipline is another must-try activity in Palawan. You can actually visit it even if you are on a guided tour to the Underground River, just request it to your guide ahead of time.

Puerto Prinsesa and El Nido Tour

Palawan has always been one of my favorite Philippines travel destinations because of its undeniably wonderful beaches and friendly people. I love the province's untroubled and unhurried atmosphere, the kind of lifestyle that I could probably get used to. Definitely a dream place for a laid back person like me.

We've been to Palawan last year for a family vacation. We stayed at Tres Pension, a quaint pension house in Puerto Prinsesa. I can't say enough great things about Palawan, I just promised myself to visit this place again in the future.

But right after a few months, I was back in Palawan earlier than expected. Together with my up for adventure friends, we've toured Puerto Prinsesa-El Nido Tour that time. We spent four days discovering Palawan. Our first two days was spent in Puerto Prinsesa and the last two days was spent in El Nido.

Bacuit Bay, El Nido
Bacuit Bay, El Nido

El Nido Tour

El Nido is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines. However, most people are hesitant in visiting El Nido because of the misconception that traveling to El Nido is very expensive. Through research and lurking around forums, I learned that El Nido is actually a budget friendly place. You can stay at pension houses or backpacker inns instead of expensive hotels and resorts. It just depends on your willingness to sacrifice a little comfort in order to cut down your expenses. Traveling to El Nido can really be done on a budget.


Instead of getting a very expensive direct flight to El Nido via Island Transvoyager. We opted for the more affordable but challenging route and booked for promo fare tickets to Puerto Prinsesa via Airphil Express. Other domestic airlines also offer discounted air fares, so it's helpful to check their pages every now and then.

Eulen Joy Shuttle

From Puerto Princesa, we've endured the 6 hour ride to El Nido. We initially planned to take the RORO bus bound to El Nido but it was already full. It was past 9pm that time, we're a bit worried but good thing that we were able to catch a Eulen Joy shuttle bound to El Nido. We paid P500 each. One must bring a lot of patience for this long six-hour ride of your life.


It was past 2am when we arrived at El Nido town proper. The driver brought us to Marina Garden, our temporary home in El Nido. Marina Garden is a nice place with a very nice view of the beach. The location is good because it is actually in the center of El Nido town.

Marina Garden

There are lots of budget-friendly accommodations around the town. Also, eateries and shops are just around the corner so no need to worry about where to eat and where to buy things that you might need during your vacation.


El Nido is famous for its beautiful beaches and limestone cliffs, so make sure to add island hopping in your itinerary. There are four island hopping tours in El Nido. These are tours A, B, C, and D. Each tour showcases great limestone cliffs, caves, lagoons, beaches and breathtaking view of El Nido. We took the combined tour (A and B c/o Ate Neriza of Northern Hope) to maximize our time and only visit the famous spots.


  • El Nido town proper is just a small town. You can roam around by foot or by riding a tricycle.
  • Electricity is available only from 2 pm to 6am.
  • There is no ATM in El Nido.
  • A Php 200.00 El Nido Tourism Development Fee is collected from every tourist who avails any of island hopping tours. The fee is valid for 10 days.
peacock look alike!
until next time El Nido!


Our first two days was spent in Puerto Prinsesa. We stayed at Tres Pension, our home away from home in Palawan. We visited the famous Underground River, took a side trip to Ugong Rock and challenged ourselves by trying the Sabang X Zipline. It was one great adventure. We really had fun!

breakfast at Tres Pension


Visit one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park.
See and experience this majestic creation of God. Not that spectacular (if you're the type who wants physically challenging activities) but definitely a worthwhile activity in Palawan.

Puerto Prinsesa Underground River
Puerto Prinsesa Underground River tour
Special thanks to Charisse of La Tiara for securing permits for our Underground River Tour.
For hassle free booking, you may reach her at 0917-809-4509

Go spelunking and caving at the Ugong Rock. An energy-draining experience for the not-so-athletic person like me. Caving at Ugong rock is like a total work out. Tiring but fun!

inside Ugong rock

Trek and zip at Sabang X Zipiline. Try the 800m long and 150ft above sea level zipline. A ride costs P550. A bit expensive for just one ride but definitely a ride full of fun and excitement!

Sabang X Zipline!

Four days in Palawan was short but it's been an amazing experience. I feel grateful to finally see and experience El Nido and Puerto Prinsesa with some of my closest friends. El Nido is definitely a charmer. It deserves to be one of the best travel destinations in our country.

El Nido Island Hopping Tour A and C

I believe El Nido holds some of the best beaches in the Philippines. So when we got the chance to visit Palawan, we definitely added El Nido in our itinerary. El Nido's powdery-fine beaches, clear waters, breathtaking lagoons and stunning views of karst limestone formations are really something to look forward to.

Tour operators in El Nido have standard rates for island hopping. We availed Northern Hope Tour's combination Tour A and C inclusive of lunch and snorkel sets for Php 3500.  I think that's already a good deal for a private tour. Thanks to Ate Neriza for this!

Northern Hope Tours

El Nido Island Hopping Tour A and C

We started the tour with visits to the islands included in Tour C. Our first stop was Helicopter Island. Its view from a distance resembles that of a helicopter. Next stop was the Hidden Beach followed by Matinloc Shrine.

The Hidden Beach

Hidden Beach, El Nido

Hidden Beach, El Nido

Hidden Beach, El Nido
nice pose with the captain! :)

The Hidden Beach was beautiful but Matinloc Shrine was my favorite because of its magnificent top view of the surrounding islands of El Nido.

Matinloc Shrine

Matinloc Shrine, El Nido

Matinloc Shrine, El Nido

El Nido Island Hopping Tour A and C

Matinloc Shrine, El Nido

After visiting the first three spots, our boatmen brought us to Star Beach for lunch. They transformed from boatmen to kitchen masters as they prepared food right in front of us. Actually, they all acted as our tour guide, life guard and cook at the same time. How cool was that? They were so accommodating and fun to be with. We've feasted on grilled pork, chicken, fish and fresh fruits. Thanks to you captain Oliver and to your crew (Renz and Ricknel) .

Lunch at Star Beach

Star Beach, El Nido

Moving forward after the delightful lunch, we headed to the secret beach. Entering the beach was challenging because you need to swim through a small opening in order to see what's hidden inside those wall of rocks. Isn't that exciting?

The Secret Beach

Secret Beach, El Nido

Secret Beach, El Nido

After that, we've visited the Hidden Lagoon, Big Lagoon and went swimming at the Small Lagoon. We've also seen different varieties of fishes at the Shimizu Island. Our last stop was the 7 Commandos island. Truly, El Nido has the best islands, beaches and limestone cliffs.

Hidden Lagoon

Hidden Lagoon, El Nido

Hidden Lagoon, El Nido

Most of the spots requires a lot of swimming so I was not able to take many pictures. Thanks to our boatmen for capturing some of our photos.

Big Lagoon

el nido tour a, big lagoon

7 Commandos Island

el nido tour a, 7 commandos

Northern Hope, El Nido, Neriza, Northern Hope Ticketing & Island Tours
with Ate Neriza of Northern Hope Ticketing & Island Tours

Northern Hope Tours

c/o Ate Neriza 09399022216

Standard Island Hopping rates
Tour A - 700 pesos per person
Tour B - 800 pesos per person
Tour C - 900 pesos per person
Tour D - 700 pesos per person
Private Tour (P3500 for 3-4pax)

El Nido is definitely a gateway to adventure. The whole day island hopping tour was very challenging but more enjoyable because I was able to spend it with friends and some of El Nido's friendly local boatmen. 

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