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If you're visiting Palawan, you may want to try the Sabang X zipline, another great attraction in Sabang. This is different from the Ugong zipline in Palawan.

Sabang Zipline
refreshing view from the zipline

We actually requested our guide to include this in our itinerary. So right after visiting the Underground River, our boatman brought us to the Central Park Station where the trail to Sabang X Zipline is located. It was a short 10 minute walk trek through the beach and the monkey trail. Going up the hill was tiring but once you're on top and ready to take the ride, it's definitely worth the experience.

Sabang Zipline
central park station
Sabang Zipline
monkey trail
welcom to Sabang X Zipline!
Sabang Zipline
scared or excited?
Sabang Zipline
yay! at last!

I've tried different ziplines before and this one is not that scary. The highlight of Sabang X Zipline is the the breath taking view of mountains and the open sea. It was definitely an 800-meter ride of pure fun and excitement. Rate is P550 per person.

Sabang Zipline
the landing area

pahangin muna haha
Sabang Zipline
jeepney service 

After the activity, we were fetched by the Sabang Zipline's jeepney service and brought us to the wharf.

Sabang X Zipline is another must-try activity in Palawan. You can actually visit it even if you are on a guided tour to the Underground River, just request it to your guide ahead of time.
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