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Did you know that you can now view and pay your MERALCO bill online?

MERALCO ( has an online account and electronic billing system. It's called the Meralco E-bill system. Through this system, you can review your service information, check complaints status, inquire on bill history, send comments and suggestions and most importantly, receive email notifications of your monthly bills.

MERALCO e-bill

My favorite feature of the Meralco E-bill system is the email notification of my monthly bill. I've been recieving monthly email alerts for our MERALCO bills since February 2012 and I haven't missed any payments since then. I am able to check the exact bill amount and process payment through BPI Express Online as soon as I receive the email notification. Cool, isn't it? If your bank is a member of Bancnet, you can also pay your MERALCO bill online.

To create an account with MERALCO E-Bill, go to the MERALCO website at

Step 1: Select New User.

meralco bill online

Read and Accept MERALCO's terms and conditions by clicking I Agree.

meralco bill online

Get one of your old MERALCO billing statement in the last 12 months and fill our the following details:
  • Service ID Number (SIN)
  • Bill Date 
  • Amount Due
meralco bill online

If you're unsure where to locate the information in your bill, click "Help" to view the sample bill. Enter the required information and click Enroll.

meralco bill online

Fill out the user Information page and create your username and password. Also, you may choose to receive notifications of your bill via email, just select the first check-box and enter your email address.

Check your inbox for the email confirmation. Once your information is validated and confirmed, you can start using the service right away. Pretty easy, right? You just need to create a free MERALCO E-Bill online account to manage your MERALCO bill online easily.

Note: You will still receive a paper copy of your bills even if you're enrolled in MERALCO e bill.
4 comments on "MERALCO E-Bill"
  1. Why?is it I can't enroll in meralco e-bill?can you help me?asap!!!.thanks!!!

  2. can you help me to have a SOA? I need to have a copy of it under our company for me to be able to process it in our main office and settle the said unpaiod bills.

  3. can i enroll in meralco e-bill even when our meter is under the name of the owner of the apartment i'm renting? how do i do it?

  4. Hi I forgot my login and password and I can't find where I can request to retrieve it. Any ideas?


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