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Science is Fun at the Philippine Science Centrum


I was browsing some old photos in my Picasa editor when I saw these funny photos of mine in the Philippine Science Centrum. I don't remember posting anything about it last year, so why not make an entry of it now! Good idea! Now I've got a post for the week.

Philippine Science Centrum Marikina
my head on a platter

It was one hot afternoon when we visited the Philippine Science Centrum in Riverbanks Mall, Marikina City last year. I actually didn't know that we have such kind of museum in Marikina. It was one of those days when you just want to wander without going too far. Thus, strolling around the city was the most viable option we had that time.

wandering around the Riverbanks Mall

Science has been one of my favourite subjects since I was in grade school. I find it very interesting unlike Math which I find really boring. Studying anything about life in general really interests me. Who wouldn't want to learn about one's origin and humanity? I think there's no one. Do you agree?

Philippine Science Centrum
Science is Fun!

The Philippine Science Centrum showcases a variety of exciting interactive science exhibits. They are presented in ways that will amaze and tickle every visitor's mind. We were able to try some of their featured interactive exhibits and I must say that it's a whole lotta fun!

I had a "hair-raising” experience with the Van de Graaff exhibit, had fun doing the “Matrix Move” at the Wonder House, felt the shake of different magnitudes of an Earthquake through the Earthquake simulator, made an illusion of floating in the air at the Anti-Gravity Mirror and saw what it’s like to have your head rest on a platter only at the Philippine Science Centrum! Check some of the evidences here. I know they aren't in great quality so please bear with the photos. These were taken over a year ago.

a "hair-raising” experience with an electrostatic generator,
the Van de Graaff!
experience what it's like be an Astronaut with the Human Gyro Ride
do the matrix pose inside the Wonder House!
such a floater at the Anti-Gravity Mirror
dancing with the colored shadows
having fun eh?!
strike a pose!

The Philippine Science Centrum is less extaravagant compared to the newly built The Mind Museum in Taguig, but staying true to their tagline "Science is fun", the Philippine Science Centrum really provides an atmosphere of learning while having fun. It is very ideal for student field trips, family activity and even barkada bonding. I browsed their official website and I can see that they continue to offer new features and exhibits year after year. They have more than 80 interactive exhibits now.

So if you're looking for a different kind of bonding activity (an inexpensive, educational, and fun experience) for the family besides going to the mall, then go to the Philippine Science Centrum. Spend some quality time and discover how fun science can be with interactive exhibits for everyone.

Admission Fees:
Maximum of 1.5 hours Additional Php 60 every hour thereafter.
Adults/s:      Php 120/head
Student/s: (private school)     Php 120/head
                (public school)      Php 95/head
Children below 2 yrs. old:       FREE
Teachers with ID:                    FREE
Senior Citizens with ID:     50% discount

*Admission fees may change without prior notice. Reservation is required for 30 persons or more.

Admission Hours: Monday to Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Contact Details:
Reservation : (63 2) 942-5136
PFST Office : (63 2) 942-4137
Telefax : (63 2) 942-5091

Location: E-Com Bldg., Riverbanks Center, Barangka, Marikina City

How to reach the PSC Museum
• Via LRT 2 (purple train) – Get a ride from the nearest LRT station and get off at Katipunan station. From the station, ride a jeepney with signboards; SSS, Calumpang and get off at Riverbanks Mall.
• Via FX or Jeepney – From Cubao area, take the FX or jeepney vehicle with signboards SSS, Calumpang and get off at Riverbanks Mall

A Birthday Climb at Mt Manalmon, Bulacan

I officially turned 25 this year. What now? It's been 3 weeks since I had my LASIK procedure. My eyes are pretty well already and the next thing I wanted to do was to test how far can I go with this new vision. So I decided to go out and satisfy my need for some outdoor activity (mountain climbing perhaps?). 

I know, that seems a little risky. I remember climbing a mountain in Mayantoc, Tarlac when I was in high school. That's roughly 10 years ago but I can still feel how great the experience was. I can walk, swim, cross rivers, trek to some falls, go to places via moving vehicles but I rarely climb so I was really excited to do it again.

Mt Manalmon Dayhike

It was Saturday morning (a day before my birthday) when I dragged Olan to accompany me on a climb to Mt Manalmon in Bulacan. Ha! I love the perks of being an oDesk freelance contractor (time flexibility and location independence). I am able to travel whenever I want (of course as long as I've done my scheduled tasks already). I can't just leave some work hanging (that's very irresponsible).

[SHINAGAWA LASIK REVIEW] Back to normal Eyesight after INTRALASIK Procedure

LIBERATING. For someone who's been wearing prescription glasses for years, being able to finally see your surroundings without the use of eyeglasses feels liberating.

It felt liberating to be able to read small fonts on billboards and posters on our way back to a LASIK center in Makati. One week out from IntraLASIK procedure with Shinagawa Lasik and it's going fantastic. I'm currently seeing 20/10 in each eye after wearing glasses for years.

I started considering LASIK for my poor eyesight when I became fed up with my glasses. Yes, I love my pair of glasses (it's been my best companion for years) but the inconvenience of wearing and updating one was really frustrating. Without my glasses, I can only see vague faces from afar. If you've been wearing glasses for years, I know you understand what I’m talking about.

farewell my glasses


My approach for getting LASIK was simple. Do some research, save a fund, make a short list of Lasik Centers with good reviews, which lead me to Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics and finally decide when to go for it. Just in time for their 50% off milestone promo for Intralasik procedure, I have finally decided to go for it.

Shinagawa Lasik Review

With my 25th birthday fast approaching, I decided that I wanted to give myself a treat. A better vision would be perfect that time. At first, I was skeptical about LASIK because the promise of instant eyesight appears too good to be true and the idea of having your eyes poked is definitely horrible. I've also read some Lasik Eye Surgery risks (quite scary) but my will power to have a clearer vision prevailed.

Last June, I went to Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics to have my eyes checked and to know if I were a good candidate for LASIK surgery. They administered more than 10 series of eye tests and got the results same day. Fortunately, I was qualified to undergo LASIK procedure. Scheduled it the following week and that's it, instant clear vision a day later.

Shinagawa Lasik Review
some of Shinagawa machines used for eye screen tests


I already knew what to expect before and after the LASIK surgery so I felt well prepared. Shinagawa's staff also explained the step-by-step process of the Intralasik procedure, including the discomforts I will encounter. The doctor guided me and constantly talked during the whole process, he described what he's going to do, and kept telling me that it was going well.

The procedure lasted for an hour (including briefing, waiting and recovery time).


Intralasik is a bladeless procedure but I wouldn't say it was painless. The burning sensation coming from the laser wasn't painful but the pressure of the eyelid retractors was very uncomfortable. I didn't feel any pain right after the procedure but I know that the anesthesia will eventually wear off. And after an hour, my eyes felt stingy and tears fell involuntarily. My eyes were super sensitive to light that time and I can barely open it. There was a sandy sensation that lasted for 2-3 hours and it was difficult to see. Good thing I'm with a companion, (thanks to my ever supportive Olan) so make sure to have someone to accompany you on the day of the procedure. After the procedure, I just wore my protective glasses, went home and slept.


They gave me a kit that includes three eye drop medication (Levofloxacin, Prednisolone Acetate and Artificial tears), eye patches and protective eyeglasses. Discharge instruction after the LASIK procedure was also provided.

Shinagawa Lasik Review
after Lasik Kit

The period of discomfort only lasted overnight. I woke up the next morning feeling normal with a clearer vision (but still a bit hazy). It felt wonderful to have woken up with a clear vision for the first time in a long time. I had my post operation follow-up consultation with Dr. Dinglasan that day and everything went well. I still need to make a follow-up consultation after a month, 3 months, 6 months and after 1 year.

Will I recommend LASIK?

Definitely Yes. I can see the world much clearer now and I can do outdoor activities without having the hassle of using eyeglasses. I can now see life in HD (high definition). Totally worth the investment.

Update: I just climb Mt Manalmon with my restored vision after three weeks. It was great!

SHINAGAWA Lasik & Aesthetics Philippines 

Mezzanine, Tower 2, The Enterprise Center,6766 Ayala Ave. cor. Paseo de Roxas, Makati City, Philippines.Shinagawa is located at Mezzanine, Tower 2, The Enterprise Center,6766 Ayala Ave. cor. Paseo de Roxas, Makati City, Philippines. Website:

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