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Say Thank You! A little appreciation goes a long way.

So you've been working hard since day 1. You've been putting your best on every task handed to you... but as time goes by, you suddenly feel tired and get bored.

As a result, your productivity and the quality of your services start to diminish (unconsciously). You may be unaware of it but it's starting to be evident in your product. Sounds familiar? Read on..

Well, you're not ALONE. That's a very familiar feeling (ask one of your co-workers haha). That is totally normal. It's just a phase an adult experiences every once in a while. Even though you know that you love what you're doing (worse if you do not), enjoy every bit of it and have mastered how's it done, there will always be a BLAH day at work. Admit it, WORK, or LIFE in general isn't as good as Barbie's, Cinderella's or Drew Arellano's (I just love Biyahe ni Drew).

But you know what? A little APPRECIATION can spice up your work plateau. WORK PLATEAU? Actually I just mixed these words with an intent to mean a stage of "slowing down" or "not progressing" in your work at some point in time.

Google AdSense PIN Verification Alternative


What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an easy (relative to each point of view, for me it's not that easy) way to earn money from your online content.

What is Google AdSense Account Verification?

For security purposes, each publisher account (Adsense) must be verified before Google can send payments. Google prefers to verify the publishers' address by sending a PIN by mail.

Why AdSense Account Verification is important?

Since payments and Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) are sent to the mailing address of the account holder, it's important to confirm the accuracy of the payment address and payee name. For example, checks and Western Union payments are made out to the payee name exactly as entered in your account.

When will The PIN generate and arrive?

Google automatically generates the PIN when the account balance reaches the minimum threshold (my account earnings was put on hold after reaching $12). The PIN will be sent by standard post (mail) and will take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

What does the PIN mailer look like?

PINs are printed on PIN mailers, which are white 4.5 x 6 inch (11.4 x 15.2 cm) postcards.

photo from Google

What if the Google PIN NEVER seem to arrive?

Great news for all Google AdSense account holders, if you (just like me) experience the worst case scenario of haven't been able to receive any PIN after the third time of requesting it, we actually have an alternative way of verifying our AdSense account! We can now verify our Google AdSense account by submitting a scan or digital copy any Government issued ID, or billing statement showing our name and address as proof of identity.

The Mind Museum, Taguig


Do you happen to know the product when you blend Science with Art? Fortunately, I found an answer in The Mind Museum, Taguig. You may want to find that out too.

The Mind Museum
life size replica of T-rex skeleton

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