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Say Thank You! A little appreciation goes a long way.

So you've been working hard since day 1. You've been putting your best on every task handed to you... but as time goes by, you suddenly feel tired and get bored.

As a result, your productivity and the quality of your services start to diminish (unconsciously). You may be unaware of it but it's starting to be evident in your product. Sounds familiar? Read on..

Well, you're not ALONE. That's a very familiar feeling (ask one of your co-workers haha). That is totally normal. It's just a phase an adult experiences every once in a while. Even though you know that you love what you're doing (worse if you do not), enjoy every bit of it and have mastered how's it done, there will always be a BLAH day at work. Admit it, WORK, or LIFE in general isn't as good as Barbie's, Cinderella's or Drew Arellano's (I just love Biyahe ni Drew).

But you know what? A little APPRECIATION can spice up your work plateau. WORK PLATEAU? Actually I just mixed these words with an intent to mean a stage of "slowing down" or "not progressing" in your work at some point in time.

I've been with oDesk for 3 years and 9 months already and I've experienced working with different clients all over the globe already. I still have a lot to learn but I already know whom to trust and whom to avoid (don't deal with those who are just plain BS). I've also met different kinds of co-workers from all walks of life. My favorite would be the (WAHM) work at home moms, I just salute them for working hard and taking care of their kids at the same time, I have a very high regard for their dedication. I've met some of them in person last year during the oDesk Contractor Appreciation Day.

I've found two long term contracts in oDesk and have worked as a researcher and content curator. These contracts have given me great and stable flow of income (full time) in the past two years. Both clients were awesome and very easy to work with as long as I am delivering great results. Unfortunately, I have to bid goodbye to one of them as the project already came to its end (sob). Well, that's how freelancing works, you just need to accept it and move on.

To fill up my extra vacant hours, I started to browse and apply for part time gigs again. Since I've got pretty good feedback and have worked for more than 6000+ logged hours in oDesk already, I just needed do some minor tweaks on my profile and it's good to go.

Luckily, I landed two contracts in less than a week. The first one is a fixed priced project and the second one is an hourly project (God is good all the time).

The first client needed some help in duplicating and updating pages in his WordPress site. Since I'm already familiar with it, I've finished it earlier than our agreed schedule. I find the client a bit strict but I wasn't intimidated and still managed to work with him. The second client was more welcoming and relaxed so I know I won't have any problem dealing with him in the long run.

I was on a BLAH day when I've read the feedback of this strict client right after I finished adding pages in his website. This quaked my world a bit because I wasn't really expecting it. It isn't a totally positive feedback but I felt it was written very sincerely. I was pleasantly surprised to see the feedback he wrote for me.

And yeah, it really brightened my mood in a snap. Who wouldn't want to be appreciated and thanked for one's hard work? It's given that I got paid for the work that I've completed but it feels good to be commended. I don't know, maybe this client was just fed up with his previous contractor but I am happy that I was able to help. And now I'm more reinforced to do great work.

Here's another feedback from one of the latest projects that I've completed.

Appreciation is important to an individual's job satisfaction and emotional well being. An employee's desire to do a great job is priceless. So if you're an employer, take some time to appreciate your employee's good performance. If you're an employee or whatever you choose to become, always strive harder and enjoy what you do (because if not, you're actually missing the point of living, it would definitely reflect in your output). I know, nothing beats motivation from within. But sometimes, one needs a little reinforcement and validation that he is doing a good job. I still believe that a good work will never be left unnoticed.

It really leaves a mark on the heart of an individual if he is genuinely appreciated. So say a little "thank you" even for the smallest acts or services offered to you. Say "thanks" to you mom for cooking home-cooked meals, appreciate your partner and your friends for always understanding the crazy you and thank God for giving you another day.

PS: And to you, yes YOU! THANK You for reading until the very end of this post and bearing with my unsolicited sharing of experiences! May God bless you more.
2 comments on "Say Thank You! A little appreciation goes a long way."
  1. Thank you for everything

  2. Awww.. Nakakaiyak naman to.. Tears of Ate JOYce. I'm still new at working. Wala pa nga po akong work projects sa oDesk so I was really shock when you wrote, " Even though you know that you love what you're doing (worse if you do not), enjoy every bit of it and have mastered how's it done, there will always be a BLAH day at work. Admit it.. "

    For me I love research and I know that I'll never get bored out of it. But then I remembered that not all of your client's task are your cup of tea so okay. I'll admit it. It's boring sometimes. :{ D

    I appreciate ka din dapat naman dito Ate. Sa lahat ng pag effort mo sa pag share ng yong nalalaman, maraming salamat po! Naway hindi ka magsawa sa pagtulong sa mga taong kabos sa kaalaman na tulad namin. Hehehehe.. :D

    (I just love Biyahe ni Drew!) hahaha.. Sinong walang gusto nito? Travel + wacky Drew A. & staff = Good Vibes.. Kasing good vibes pag nanonood ako ng Please Be Careful With my <3 . . : D


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