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6 Misconceptions About Working From Home


Many people are still puzzled about work from home gigs. Some people don't believe that it even exist. Some are interested to join but just don't know how to start. So to give you an idea, I've listed six misconceptions people know about working from home. Yes, I work from home and I've dealt with these misconceptions myself. I admit, I tend to take these misconceptions negatively before, but now, I just laugh it off.

It's been 3+ years since I took the path of non-traditional work arrangement and became a freelance contractor on oDesk. I didn't realize that it's been that long since I started working for myself, at home, by doing projects online. And when I say projects, I mean WORK. I research, collect, analyze, update, review, write and curate data for my clients. It is basically building contents for my clients' businesses while doing things that interests me on the side. It is NOT the usual email, game, Facebook, selfie and chat stuff that people do on the internet. It is more than that. I've learned different skills while working online. Nothing is stagnant. Everything is always changing. My clients are changing, projects and contracts come and go. New projects, new ideas, new experiments, new people, new perspectives are always changing me. When you work for yourself, you discover things you never knew you can do. But for some people, work from home still seems like taboo. It is difficult for them to understand what a freelancer's working situation is like.

If you're a freelancer, self-employed dude, entrepreneur or a work at home mom (WAHM), I know you can definitely relate to the following:

Misconception 1. You’re at home. What do you really do all day? You don't really work. You are UNEMPLOYED!

We're on the 20th century already. Internet has established itself and it has opened different opportunities for online work. Jobs aren't limited to the traditional 9-5pm ones. Ever heard of the word telecommuting? A remote work or a work arrangement in which employees do not commute to a central place of work. We are not using a physical office but we still communicate and collaborate with our team mates and clients. We are able work from home or basically anywhere as long as we have the tools needed for our given tasks.

Misconception 2. Working from Home is easy.

Oh, of course NOT! I have my schedule and as long as I have my PC and Internet on, I’m clocked and tracked in. I can’t just lay around watching my favorite TV show all day. I do have my deadlines and I need stick to my clients' deadlines. While I do enjoy my freelance work more than my previous jobs, that doesn't say that it is easy. When you're at home, it may seem like there's no separation between work and play. Working from home does have its perks like less commuting and time flexibility. But you know what? work is still WORK. Working from home even takes more discipline because you have to set and manage your own schedule and you need to have the balls to follow it. Nobody's there to reprimand you but yourself. So you better get some self-discipline in order to succeed.

Misconception 3. Any Work from Home is a Scam.

If you're just one of the many LAZY people looking for a get rich quick work, chances are you're not going to find a legit work from home job and eventually get scammed. People, there is NO easy money. If it's an easy money, it CAN be a scam. You need to be smart enough to distinguish a real work from merely recruiting people. So if someone offers you a get rich quick type of job? be afraid and stay away. If it's too good to be true then it is definitely a scam.

Do your research. There are legit work from home jobs. Being able to earn from legit work from home jobs doesn't come easy, you have to work hard for it. You need to have skills that you can offer. If you're good at writing, there are legit writing gigs online. If you're good at project management and customer service, you can be a great VA. There are lots of job opportunities online particularly for people with IT background, programmers and web developers do great online, you just need to research and be serious about it. oDesk and Elance are two good platforms to start a legit work from home career (I've used these two platforms and have been successful in finding reputable clients already, I've also worked 7,010 logged hours in oDesk already).

Misconception 4. You're an expert on computers.

People always assume that because you work online all day, you know everything about computers, of course not! I work online, I may stare at my computer screen longer than most people do but hey I'm not a technician or any sort of that. I know how to run some software needed for my work but don't ask me to configure your network, fix your laptop or troubleshoot your computer hardware problems.

Misconception 5. You have all the time in the world to run everyone’s errands.

It’s difficult to say NO to your fun-loving family and friends when they ask you for a favor, but you will definitely have to when you're in the middle of doing something or if you really don't have the time. Just be honest. Yes, I'm at home but I also have work to do (like you do). You can't just pop in and urgently ask me to do this, do that, help you with this and that JUST because I'm AT HOME. Remember, I also work.

Misconception 6. You work in pajamas, don’t take a bath and have no social life.

Freelancers have no dress code but we still groom and dress appropriately. We are still human beings. We need other people and we need Vitamin D from the sun. I'm glad to have met different kinds of people also working from home and I still manage to go out with some good old friends. I don't really need a lot of them, just a few real ones. I'm also grateful that I get to spend more time with my family. Plus, traveling w/o asking permission for a leave is definitely possible. Love that! I am able to travel more when I started working from home.

What now?

Out of a hundred people who would ask what my current work is, only a few could understand. But it does not matter. Some say it's cool. Working for yourself is cool but most people will definitely look down on you when you say that you work from home. Yes, that's true. People are mean. But that's okay, I always try to keep an open mind. We have different ideas on what a great job or workplace is. As for me, as long as I can sustain interest and love for what I do, I will always be proud of working from home or from anywhere.

Someday, people will understand that freelancers, WAHMs, and self-employed people work just as hard, if not harder than everyone else in the other industries. There are no small or big roles in this world. We wear different hats as we grow older so every role we play is important.

Happy working!
9 comments on "6 Misconceptions About Working From Home"
  1. Love this so much! Just as exactly what I wanted to tell people about the career we have. Great article and would love to connect with you soon, MJ...

    1. Haha sometimes explaining is tiring. At least freelancers understand each other. Thanks for dropping by Marie!

  2. I can relate to your story. If I may say, you also belongs to New Rich, a fast growing sub culture that has abandoned the traditional 40 hour workweek employment and instead embraced the new currencies - time and mobility. It's true that in your environment people may look down to those self employed and working at home but here in Canada the government is supporting and encouraging small businesses and home base businesses.

    We been already in the internet age where smart people like you can leverage the power of web to work online anywhere while enjoying your time and passion.

    1. Wow! I am glad to know that people in Canada are more open minded. Thanks Marc! I am not rich but I am lucky enough to pursue what I really like and not be pressured by people around me.

  3. I encountered your blog while searching the web on how can I maximize the benefit of my 2 months travel going back home this Dec-Jan to visit different tourist attractions in the way backpackers are doing. I wish to experience what you guys are doing and show to the world the beauty of Pilipinas kong Mahal.

    You made a great job in presenting your detailed post that caught my interest. My Itinerary includes Boracay, Puerto, El Nido, Davao, Surigao, Pagudpud and Coron. I found useful info in some places from your blog and thank you for that. Any guide in the other places either from you or your friend backpackers will be appreciated. Agyaman Ading.

    1. I am happy to know that you find my posts useful Marc! I'm sure you'll be able to visit your target places. I've only been to Puerto Prinsesa, El Nido and Pagudpud. I've listed a few contact numbers of locals who helped us in our travel in each of these places (see separate posts in the places category of this blog).

      I do follow a travel blogger who have visited most of the provinces in the Philippines. She covered most of the places that you want to visit. I do not know her personally but she is such an inspiration. I always visit her blog to get some useful tips whenever I plan my own travel (particularly places I'm not familiar with). You can visit her site at

      Hope you have a great time in the Philippines!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. You may not be rich in terms of having lot of money (Old Rich currency) but, because you can work at your own time that nobody control your time except you. You do your work anywhere you are as long as you have your buddy (Laptop and other gadgets) that's your mobility mode is on unlike working in one single office when you are employed. Time and Mobility is the currency of New Rich where you enjoy working while traveling. Traditional people said traveling is luxury and is only for those who are rich in money. For New Rich, traveling is business and pleasure. You may not reach this point yet but, I know you will. Traveling is the source of luxurious life for many backpackers and online marketers.

      I am starting my baby steps towards the New Rich life after I was recently inspired by reading books and some people I met online and offline who are there already. That is the reason of my 2 months travel. Though I am here in Canada, It's always in my heart to help my country even in a little way and whenever I have an opportunity.

      Thanks for referring Chyng Reyes. I will surely visit her website. Follow your dream enjoy your passion. Lots of people understand what you are doing. They may not be within your circle. Allow me to share you the inspiring words of Mark Twain "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect" Lot of people resigned from their 40 hour workweek and join the New Rich.

      Good luck and more power!!

    2. Thanks for your inspiring words Marc! Good luck on your baby steps towards the New Rich life and I hope you have a great time in your 2 months travel!


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