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5 Things I've Learned About Taal Volcano


I can't actually remember when this fascination of mountains has started, what I know is that I really enjoy wandering through the woods. I am no hardcore mountaineer or backpacker, but I delight in going for long walks. I feel energized whenever I am with nature so I always make a point of going out every once in a while. And last year, I was able to visit the world's known smallest active volcano, the Taal Volcano. I'm sharing some details that might be worth knowing if you're planning to visit Taal.

Taal Volcano Crater Lake
We've got a chance to hike up Taal Volcano Crater Lake last December during our trip to Tagaytay. And I must say that this trip was worth it. I'm not an expert in mountain climbing but I think it's fairly an easy climb. Here are 5 things that I've discovered in trekking Taal Volcano.

1. This little mound isn't the real Taal Volcano.

Taal Volcano Trek
Binintiang Malaki
It is Binintiang Malaki, the very photogenic island that we usually see in postcards. It is not the actual Taal Volcano Crater but only one of the several cones and craters of the island.

2. Taal Volcano is an active volcano.

Just look at the photos above, hot smoke spewed from the ground is a clear sign that Taal volcano is really active. Taal is one small volcano but a very active one so don't underestimate it.

3. The are different trails you can use in hiking up Taal Volcano.

the regular trail
overlooking the regular trail
There are three known trails going to the Taal Crater Lake. These are the secret trail, Kenney trail & the regular trail. Most tourists use the regular trail because it's the easiest one.

3. Taal Volcano is full of horses.

Yes, literally full of horses. Tourists can avail the use of horses for P500 both ways but we opted to walk. It's pretty expensive. Anyway, we went there for trekking and not for horseback riding. So I suggest that you walk, you get to appreciate your surroundings more when you set your feet on the ground.

4. The trail can get very dusty and stinky.

Volcanic ash and animal dung are scattered everywhere so be ready for a dusty and stinky trail. Be informed that most tourists use horses and these horses drop lots of dung on the trail so bring a mask or any cloth to cover your nose and mouth during the hike.

5. The view of the crater lake is beautiful.

the sparkling emerald green water of Taal Crater Lake

The crater lake sparkles with emerald green water. Certainly, the view is refreshing. The view from the top is definitely worth the 30 minute walk.

With my ever complainer companion.

Volcanoes maybe disruptive but they are also considered as one of the most marvelous works of nature. I am happy that I was able to see one up close. There are a lot of good spots overlooking Taal Volcano in Tagaytay but I attest that this volcano is even more beautiful up close.
3 comments on "5 Things I've Learned About Taal Volcano"
  1. hello! ask ko lang po sana ung itinerary ng hike nyo and how much budget? thanks! :)

    1. Hi Kat! Nag-Tagaytay muna kami bago pumunta sa Talisay. We rented a trike na nagdala sa amin sa Talisay then rented a boat from one of the locals there. (1,500 yung boat w/c is good for 4-5 pax nadin so mas sulit kung ganung bilang kayo). Paid for the reg fee and docking fee (guide is optional) then trek na! You can search for travel agencies that offer Taal hike para less hassle on your part, you can also ask your Tagaytay accomodation to arrange one for you or you can contact some of the locals na nagpaparent ng boat nila (marami nito nag-aalok sa sa major tour spots ng Tagaytay like Picnic Grove etc..)


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