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Mt Tapyas, Coron, Palawan


Coron is best known for its great lakes, dive spots and beautiful beaches. But aside from that, it boasts one major land attraction, Mt. Tapyas. Mt. Tapyas is the second highest mountain in Coron. It is 210 meters above sea level, just 14 meters higher than Mt. Manalmon in Bulacan.

Mt Tapyas, Coron Palawan

Last year, typhoon Yolanda devastated some of the tourist attractions in the country. One of which was the beautiful Coron Island and the most visibly damaged was Mount Tapyas.

We visited Mt Tapyas recently and I can say that Coron tourism is now back in business. There are still some visible signs of damage but the trail to Mt Tapyas has been repaired. Unfortunately, the giant cross is no longer there.

3 Reasons to Stay in Coron Ecolodge

Finding the perfect accommodation for out of town trips can be very time-consuming, especially if you've got lots of good hotels to choose from. But if you're visiting a place like Coron (Palawan) where most activities are spent outdoors, shelling out an excessive amount of money for accommodation is not practical at all.

I'm sharing with you an accommodation in Coron which showed us that quality service doesn't need to cost a lot. Coron Ecolodge, a place where we've experienced the convenience of a boutique hotel within a backpacker price range. I don't have many photos to show (because we were outdoors most of the time) but I made a list of Coron Ecolodge's 3 good points.

1. Good Location

coron ecolodge review, coron budget hotel

For me, Coron Ecolodge has the perfect location. It is conveniently located along the hushed side of Calle Real Street, very near the center of the town. It is basically in the middle of everything you need in Coron. The public market and other establishments like banks, shops, travel agencies and restaurants are within walking distance from the hotel. You won't worry about where to eat or where to buy some supplies or souvenirs. You can roam around the town by foot. Also, it is just a few blocks away from Mt. Tapyas' jump-off point, you can easily visit Mt Tapyas anytime you want.

2. Great Value for Money

coron ecolodge review

Another strength of this hotel is its value for money. It is perfect for budget conscious travelers. At Coron Ecolodge, you can experience the convenience of a comfortable accommodation at a reasonable price. The current rate is P1598 a night, inclusive of breakfast (and that's for two people already). Pretty good deal, right?! The building is quite small but I love its cozy ambiance, clean rooms and nature-styled decorations. The hotel has basic but nice facilities (private bath with hot & cold shower, wifi at the lounge, free coffee 24/7).

3. Great Customer Service

Coron Ecolodge has very accommodating staff. They are friendly and helpful. They can arrange everything for you, from tours to transfer services and even to your small requests.

coron ecolodge review
one satisfied customer

We have enjoyed our 2 night stay at Coron Ecolodge. We didn't experience any inconvenience at all, from reservations, to the minute we arrived and up to the time we left the place. I am more than happy to recommend this place to anyone visiting Coron soon. Coron Ecolodge has the perfect location, great service and value for money. We definitely love it there!

Also, I am impressed with Coron's tourism system, it is very organized. They have standard rate for tours and transfer services. You won't feel ripped off visiting this place.

To know more about Coron Ecolodge, visit

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