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Microtel by Wyndham, Baguio - Home Away from Home

Microtel Baguio

It was 5:30 in the morning when we arrived at the Victory terminal in Baguio. We departed Manila at 11:55 pm. The 6-hour bus ride was a breeze and we arrived in Baguio earlier than expected. Our original plan was to roam around the city upon arrival to maximize our 2-day vacation. However, we couldn't bare the frigid weather because at that very moment, the sun hasn't risen yet. It was freezing cold and we were tired so we've decided to take a rest first. I inquired at Microtel just beside the terminal if we could check-in early and I was impressed by how they welcomed us graciously. Now that's what you call excellent customer service.

I originally booked for an overnight stay at Microtel Baguio. Since it was too early, I was expecting for an additional charge for the early check-in, but the receptionist was very accommodating to let us in as early as 5:30 am with no additional charge. The original room I've booked wasn't available yet, good thing they still had a vacant one (same type of room) at the other floor so we got it right away. Rest of the story was happy ever after (we slept for more than 3 hours and went on a whole day tour and food trip after that).

The Cozy Hotel

Microtel Baguio

The hotel's facade is really attractive, it looks like a European castle. It is painted in blue which is very pleasing to the eye. Our room, a queen double room, was clean and spacious enough for 4 people. Beds were comfortable, very inviting for a sleep. They also have free water and coffee at the lobby.

Queen Double Room Microtel Baguio
two big beds spacious enough for 4 people
the very chic lobby

The Convenient Location

I personally handpicked Microtel by Wyndham in Baguio for our accommodation because of its location. It is conveniently located beside Victory Liner Terminal. A bridge way joins the hotel to the bus terminal, thus ensuring accessibility for guests.

Victory Terminal Microtel Baguio

The Breakfast at Te Quiero Taps Bar & Restaurant

Our accommodation comes with daily buffet breakfast. It is served from 6:30am to 10:00am at their very own restaurant, Te Quiero Taps Bar & Restaurant. They have a wide selection of Filipino and Continental breakfast and they tasted really good!

The very Satisfactory Service

The staff  were very courteous. Everyone, from the receptionists, to the housekeeping crew, to the guards, to the concierge was all smiles and very helpful. I was really impressed by how they made us feel welcomed.

Microtel Baguio

Overall, my family and I had an awesome stay at Microtel Baguio. I never thought that a weekend getaway could actually be that relaxing. We experienced high satisfactory service and warm accommodation from this cozy hotel. I will definitely book Microtel by Wyndham if ever I visit Baguio again.

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