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Vote Vigan for New7Wonders Cities of the World

Vigan New7Wonders Cities
photo by Parmisan0 via Wikimedia Commons

Vigan, well known for its preserved cobblestone streets and blended Philippine/Spanish architecture has been selected as one of the 21 finalists in the search for the New7Wonders Cities of the World.

Let's help make it as one of the new New7Wonders Cities by casting our votes.

Dancing Groot - Guardians of the Galaxy

Without a doubt, Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the most enjoyable movies Marvel has ever made. It is brimming with underrated but adorable characters. And my favorite would definitely be Groot! The innate kindness and sensitivity of this human-tree really captured my heart. Plus, the dancing baby Groot was a truly delightful thing to see.

How can anyone resist the adorable dancing Groot?

dancing groot

Retro Dining at Some Kind of Wonderful Cafe, Marikina

I am drawn to dining places with unique themes and interiors. Good thing there are lots of such places in Marikina. One of which is the '80s themed Some Kind of Wonderful Cafe.

You read it right, 'Some Kind of Wonderful' is the name of the restaurant, more popularly known as SKOW in Marikina.

It was a Saturday afternoon when we drove all the way to Marikina Heights for a late lunch. Together with my best buddy, we've decided to try out some of the food offered in this hole-in-the-wall place in Marikina.

Some Kind of Wonderful Marikina

As we entered a seemingly residential area of the becoming popular streets of Lilac and Rainbow in SSS Village, Marikina, we've finally chanced upon the quaint diner --- painted in pastel colors, and adorned with vintage decors.

SKOW Marikina
wooden chairs, pastel-colored tables and chess board-inspired flooring
Some Kind of Wonderful Marikina
'80s movie posters

SKOW is inspired in a 1980s movie called Some Kind of Wonderful, thus the name Some Kind of Wonderful Cafe. I'm actually not familiar with the film as I am more of a '90s kid but I was impressed by how the place was designed. Our eyes feasted on vintage album covers plastered on SKOW's vinyl wall.

SKOW Marikina

I am not acquainted with most of the covers but I recognized some of the artists displayed on the wall --- I know The Beatles and The Smiths.

SKOW Marikina
SKOW Marikina
one happy diner

As for the food, we've tried their Cheeseburger, Tonkatsu, Spaghetti and Chunky Munky. I find the Tonkatsu just so-so. But I love their Cheeseburger, paired with fries and Chunky Munky milkshake very much.

SKOW Marikina
cheeseburger with fries
SKOW Marikina
Some Kind of Wonderful Marikina
sausage pasta in red sauce

The hippie ambiance really added flavor to our cozy dining experience at SKOW Cafe. Also, the staff were welcoming and very attentive. We'll definitely go back to try out some other dishes listed on SKOW's menu soon.

Some Kind of Wonderful Marikina
huge cheeseburger for a monster's stomach

SKOW Menu Marikina
SKOW Menu Marikina

SKOW's location is quite hard to find as it's not along the main road. You'll embark on a mini maze trip if you're not familiar with the streets around Conception Dos. For your convenience, just ask where St. Paul of the Cross Parish is because the cafe is located just across that church.

Some Kind of Wonderful Marikina

SKOW is a really small cafe but serves a variety of Italian, American and Japanese food at an affordable rate. If you want a quaint, not so crowded, 80's themed restaurant, then this place will be heaven for you.

Some Kind of Wonderful Cafe
11 Birch Road cor. Rainbow St.
Hacienda Hts. Conc. Dos, 1811
Marikina Heights, Philippines
(accross St. Paul of the Cross Parish)
Opens 12:00pm - 10:00pm everyday except for Tuesdays

Other equally awesome dining places in Marikina

Pan de Amerikana

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