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[TEN CENTS TO HEAVEN] A Heavenly Accommodation in Tanay, Rizal

If there's a place near the metropolis that is comparable to Baguio and Tagaytay's mountainous backdrop and frigid weather, it would definitely be Rizal's underrated municipality of Tanay. 

Since our supposed Surigao trip was canceled due to a series of unfortunate events, we've decided to just spend the weekend to one of the newest camps in Tanay, the Ten Cents to Heaven Leisure Camp and Resort.

Ten Cents To Heaven Tanay

It was a sunny Sunday morning and I was a little groggy when we were on our way up to Ten Cents to Heaven in Tanay, Rizal. I was awake but feeling dizzy, like a zombie-- it felt like I was detaching from reality-- (that's a little exaggeration). But honestly, I wasn't feeling very well that day. I was exhausted, I just came from a long-hour bus ride from the North and I wasn't really ready for another daunting long drive.

Ten Cents To Heaven Review

Although I was tired as hell, our road trip to Tanay was surprisingly short and relaxing. It was just an hour drive from Marikina City. Accompanied by an energetic (bumabawi) buddy and some laid back music, the trip to Ten Cents to Heaven was definitely worthwhile. We were rewarded by wonderful scenery along the way and were embraced by a naturally cool weather upon arrival.

ten cents to heaven tanay

Ten Cents To Heaven Tanay Rizal

ten cents to heaven tanay

ten cents to heaven tanay
kulitan sa palaruan
Ten Cents To Heaven Tanay Rizal

Ten Cents to Heaven Leisure Camp

Ten Cents to Heaven Tanay

Ten Cents to Heaven Review

Tucked in the picturesque town of Tanay, Ten Cents to Heaven is a huge leisure camp cradled atop the mountains and verdant hills of Rizal. Offering a scenic view of the Sierra Madre mountain range and Laguna de Bay, Ten Cents is perfect for group activities as well as romantic escapes. It offers different recreational activities such as zip lining, wall climbing, swimming, hanging bridge crossing etc (perfect for team building). Just make sure to coordinate with them ahead of time as they seem to be a bit unorganized (maybe because it's off-peak season). The people manning the resort were courteous but seem understaffed. They could have done better, service wise.

Nevertheless, I still love the place. Waking up with this kind of ambiance is without a doubt, a very relaxing experience, a pamper-filled escape from the bustling city life. Though I find the Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort a lot better, (a place that serves the best breakfast in Tanay --just a few meters away from Ten Cents) I must say that Ten Cents is a good place for retreat and recreation.

Ten Cents to Heaven

Sitio Mayagay II, Cayambay
Tanay, Rizal

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