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Art In Island, Cubao

Unlike traditional museums where you are expected to just look around and appreciate different art pieces quietly, visitors of Art in Island are encouraged to interact and pose with all of its 3D paintings. Thus, anyone visiting the museum can be part of the Art. Sounds great, right?

Art In Island boasts quite a number of optical illusion paintings and installations, divided into various zones: Aqua Zone, Animal Zone, Masterpiece Zone, Religion Zone, Love Zone & Fantasy Zone. 

art in island cubao

art in island philippines

We went there on a Sunday last January at an off-peak time to avoid too much crowd. Since the museum just opened recently, we were able to walk right in and roamed around the place pretty smoothly. We had an ample time exploring the area and doing creative poses. In total, we spent about 1.5 hours inside the museum. It was a definitely one fun experience. 

art in island cubao

Here are some of our photos taken at Art In Island, Cubao. In order to get the perfect optical illusion, you can take photos at the photo points marked on the floor and check the sample poses next to each art display. You can imitate the sample poses but it's better to create your own pose (you can unleash your creativity here).

art in island cubao

art in island cubao

art in island cubao

3D art in island cubao

art in island philippines

What I like most about modern museums such as Art In Island is that visitors are encouraged to touch and take photos of all the displayed works. You won’t find signs like ‘No Touching’ or 'No Picture Taking' that limits the whole museum experience. So, if you are looking for an interactive museum experience around the Metro and you have 500 Php to spare (though I think the price is quite expensive for the whole experience) go ahead and throw yourself into a magical dimension of different 3D artworks at Art in Island.

art in island cubao
My companion here said that he didn't really enjoy our visit to Art In Island when in reality he was so enthused in doing some of the poses, ironic huh? :)

Art In Island Ticket Price:

art in island cubao ticket price

The entrance fee is P500 for adults. While the entrance fee for students, persons with disability and senior citizens is P400. The entrance fee is free for children 3ft and below.

Birthday Promo - Visit Art in Island on your birthday, a day before, or a day after your birthday and you’ll be admitted for FREE! Just bring any valid ID that shows your birth date.

Art In Island Location:

Art In Island is the newest attraction in Cubao, Quezon City. It opened its doors to the public last December 25. It is located at 15th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines (At the back of Cubao Expo). 

Things to Bring:

  • Camera: Make sure that it has sufficient memory space and is fully charged!
  • Socks: Shoes are prohibited inside the museum. This is to preserve the painted areas on the floor. Well, you can enter barefoot.
  • Loved ones: Isn’t more enjoyable to do crazy poses with your loved ones? If you are looking for a place to keep your family and friends entertained, Art in Island is definitely the place to go.

Tips to make the most out of the Art in Island experience:

Look out for the photo points on the floor, these are the best spots for taking 3D photos. More importantly, do not be shy in doing different poses, everyone’s busy doing their own crazy poses. Explore, be creative and playful in your poses so you can get awesome 3D pictures at the Art in Island Museum!

Visit Art In Island's Facebook page at

art in island

P.S. Make sure your camera is fully charged with plenty of memory space before your visit Art In Island. Enjoy!

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