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Whale Shark Watching in Oslob, Cebu

Swimming with the whale sharks in Oslob, Cebu is like plunging into an enormous aquatic museum. It's for your eyes only.

oslob whale shark

Recommended time of whale shark watching is from 6-9am. So, right after having breakfast at the Seafari Resort, we went ahead and registered ourselves to the whale watching area. A small paddle boat brought us there from Seafari resort.

At first, I was hesitant to put this activity in our South Cebu itinerary. I am no expert environmentalist, but personally, I find the Oslob whale shark interaction setup quite bizarre and unnatural. But since it is supported by DOT, and Oslob municipality has already setup rules and guidelines for this kind of activity, I was convinced to give it a try.

Before the activity began, we were briefed with the dos and donts of whale shark interaction. I commend the city of Oslob for implementing such mandatory briefing. Here are the key things I remembered from the briefing:

  • Do not attempt to touch, ride, or chase the whale sharks
  • Maintain a distance of five (4) meters from the head and six (5) meters from the tail 
  • Do not throw trash in the water
  • Use of sunscreen is not allowed
  • No Flash photography
  • Interaction is limited to a maximum of 30 minutes

We were accompanied by two TOSWFA boatmen who acted as guides and enforcers at the same time. They were accommodating and they really tried hard to implement the rules of whale shark interaction.

The area for whale shark watching was no more than 20 meters from the shore. I was at awe to see whale sharks above water. I took a dip and the view of these gentle giants was even more amazing underwater. 30 minutes of interaction time was a bit short but definitely worthwhile.

oslob whale sharks

oslob whale shark watching

Overall, I must say that seeing Oslob whale sharks just few feet away is just beyond words. It was one hell of experience. So, in order to sustain this one of a kind attraction in Oslob, it is a must that people visiting the place should always adhere to the policies provided by the authorities.


The whale shark interaction fee costs P500 for locals and P1,000 for foreigners. This comes with a life vest and snorkel set. For those who do not want to swim with the whale sharks and just wanting to stay in the boat and observe the sharks above water, the fee is P300 and P500 respectively.


From Mactan Cebu Airport, ride a cab and go to Cebu South Bus Terminal. It’s about 30 minutes away from the airport. It would cost you around P200 pesos.

At Cebu South Bus Terminal, ride a Ceres bus bound for Oslob. Look for buses with Bato via Oslob route. Ceres buses depart every after 30 minutes in Cebu South Bus Terminal. Air-conditioned bus fare costs P155 per person, which I think is very cheap. Travel time is about 3-4 hours so you still have time to rest and enjoy the view along the road. Alight at barangay Tan-awan.


Seafari Oslob Accomodation

We booked Seafari Resort for our accommodation in Oslob. It is strategically located near the whale shark watching area and Tumalog Falls. We're not in a rush so we dedicated 2 days for our Oslob visit. We took time to relax and enjoy other activities Oslob has to offer.


tumalog falls cebu

Take a scenic hike down an established trail to Tumalog Falls and enjoy a cool dip at its cold water.
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