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Stand Up Paddleboarding in Loboc, Bohol

SUP Tours Bohol

Refreshing, fun and surprisingly easy.

These words perfectly sum up our stand up paddleboarding experience in Loboc, Bohol. I can't think of a more suitable way of describing it other than that.

Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) offers a fun and refreshing way of visiting the unspoiled Loboc river, a lot better than the usual river cruise (floating restaurant).

We made a go at paddling, a morning before my birthday and really appreciated it. Paddling the gentle blue-green waters of Loboc river, surrounded by nipa palms, coconut trees and village houses was pure bliss. It was such a delightful affair.

stand up paddle tours bohol

stand up paddle tours bohol

SUP Tours Bohol

SUP Tours Bohol

Stand up paddleboarding is surprisingly easy to learn. Basics of paddling will be given by an accredited SUP guide before the actual tour so no need to worry if you haven't tried paddling before. It may seem frightening at first, yet once you get the hang of it, the experience is really an exceptionally unwinding activity to do. It does not only showcase unique views of nature as you paddle, but it also improves your balance and coordination. It's an incredible approach to burn some calories while having a fabulous time.

You do not need to stand on the board all the time, you can sit or lie on the board if you want, whichever you prefer and feel comfortable.

SUP tours

The activity was organized by SUP Tours. They do not only offer paddle and firefly tours but also provide a few charming lodges and a nice balcony to sit and unwind in. The staff were friendly and accommodating. We likewise got an opportunity to play with their pets (fox and pepper) which are absolutely cute and extremely gentle to outsiders.

SUP Tours Bohol

stand up paddle board philippines

stand up paddle board philippines
the very emotional Pepper

Stand up paddleboarding draws out the explorer in you and allows you to enjoy things more up close and personal. You get to experience something new and be in harmony with nature at the same time. I've been to Bohol many times already but I have never seen it in this way before.

stand up paddle bohol
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