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[KLOOK REVIEW] The Most Reliable Travel Booking App

Seamless & safe booking.
Skip long queues via mobile vouchers.

These are the reasons why I love the Klook App so much.

KLOOK is a one-stop shop for booking travel experiences online. It is a Hong Kong-based company that offers discounted travel activities across Asia and other countries. It connects DIY travelers to the most exciting activities in just a few taps or clicks on the computer or phone at the best possible rates.

Klook is my go-to app for booking attraction tickets and day trips abroad. Before commencing any trip, I always make sure to prepare the itinerary in advance and compare attraction prices from direct providers and Klook. And guess what? Klook always comes out to be the most affordable.

I've booked most of our day trips and attractions tickets trough Klook and I've never been happier with the amount of time and money saved by purchasing through Klook.

klook review
klook reviews

Here are just some of the activities we've booked trough Klook:

KLOOK Universal Studios Singapore

To celebrate mother's day last year, I treated mom for an SG trip. I've purchased Universal Studios Singapore tickets in advance through Klook for US$44 per person instead of  US$55 at the actual park. That's US$11 saved! I've paid through Paypal and got the e-tickets instantly (received via email). We've also saved time by going directly to the turnstile for entry (we have skipped the long queue at the ticket booth).

Klook review
Klook review singapore

KLOOK Gardens by the Bay - Singapore

Another Singapore attraction we've visited is the beautiful Gardens by the Bay. I've paid US$16 instead of US$20 to get access to the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. That's US$4 saved through Klook!

Klook review singapore

KLOOK Ayutthaya Grand Pearl River Cruise Tour - Thailand

For this year's travel, we have booked the Ayutthaya Grand Pearl River Cruise Tour (Bang Pa-In, Summer Palace of King Rama V and Ayutthaya with a lunch buffet on Grand Pearl Cruise Liner) for US$58 instead of US$71 through Klook. That's US$13 savings!

Klook review thailand

KLOOK Hong Kong Disneyland

Last year, we've enjoyed Hong Kong Disneyland for HKD548 instead of  HKD589 by booking through Klook! We've saved HKD41! It's Klook's number one best seller! 

Klook review hong kong

KLOOK Hong Kong Ngong Ping 360

Also, we've tried the nerve-racking Hong Kong Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car ride for HKD229 instead of HKD255 through Klook. That's HKD26 in savings!

Klook review hong kong
Klook review hong kong


Yes, it's the most affordable and reliable travel booking app that I've used so far. I've booked through Klook for so many times already and I haven't encountered any troubles. From choosing my desired attractions to purchasing the ticket, it's hassle free. I usually pay via Paypal, but they also accept major credit cards worldwide. Plus, we got to have extra discounts as Klook occasionally sends out Klook coupons. One of which is the Klook Visa Promo Code where you can get up to 75% OFF selected activities in Klook using your VISA card as a payment method. For Klook mobile app users, you can also enjoy US$1.3 OFF your first mobile app booking using Klook promo code MOBILE10. 

What more can a traveler ask for? Klook has provided us the convenience in booking our transport and travel needs in just a few taps. I highly recommend it. 

klook reviews

Chasing Doves and Monkeys at Batu Caves, Malaysia

batu caves selangor malaysia


That's how I pictured Batu Caves in my head when we're on our way to Selangor, Malaysia.

It was the second day of our Southeast Asia backpacking trip and we've decided to have a quick stroll at Batu caves before heading to Myanmar.

Batu Caves is one of the most popular Hindu shrines located in the north of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. It features a large statue of Lord Murugan beside a steep stair and several Hindu temples. Every year, thousands of devotees visit this sacred site to celebrate Thaipusam, a Hindu festival.

Batu Caves can be reached through a 30-min train ride from KL Central. But for convenience, we've just decided to book an uber ride from our accommodation (Bintang Warisan Hotel) straight to Batu caves. And right after finishing a playlist of around 7-8 songs, we've finally arrived. It was a just quick ride. And a very relaxed one.


Batu Caves is best known for the giant golden statue of Lord Murugan that stands radiantly beside the 272-step concrete stairs of the cave. It is the tallest Hindu god statue in Malaysia and the second tallest Hindu god statue in the world.

A visual treat of this majestic statue welcomed us upon arrival. What we didn't know is that there's another welcoming committee waiting for us on the site.

batu caves lord murugan malaysia
batu caves malaysia


Surprisingly, we were welcomed by flocks of doves and were ushered by monkeys on our way up the 272-step staircase of Batu Caves, Malaysia.

batu caves malaysia
batu caves malaysia
batu caves malaysia
batu caves malaysia

There are lots of doves flying around the site and they were actually nice to look at. You can easily bypass them by going directly to the spot where the large statue stands. What's impossible to ignore are the monkeys who seem to have been waiting for some action and snacks.

Batu caves is swarmed with monkeys. They are basically everywhere, on the foot of the cave, on the stairs, swinging on rails and playfully chasing each other around. They come up to people for food but thankfully they do not attack. They are only triggered to snatch if they see you carrying food in your hands. If they see none, then they'd leave you alone. So it's best to not feed those little ones.

batu caves malaysia
batu caves malaysia

Despite the chaotic vibe brought by the playful and quite troublesome monkeys, the journey to the cave was actually not that tough. There's a great view waiting on the top. Inside the cave, we've found several praying temples and another stairway up. There were some Indian pilgrims performing rituals, it was a beautiful act. We saw how religiously devoted they are to their faith.

Truly, Batu Caves is a majestic place of worship where nature and religion meet, a place definitely worth a trip.

batu caves malaysia
batu caves malaysia
batu caves malaysia
batu caves malaysia

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